10 Steps to Losing Body Fat… and Keeping it Off!! – Part 3

By Doug Corbett (NASM, FMS, NS, PES, Fitness Nutrition Coach)

Lose Fat - Part 3

In Part 3 of this 3 Part Series I am turning to one of our trainers at RPP, Doug Corbett (NASM, FMS, NS, PES, Fitness Nutrition Coach).  Doug is going to uncover and review Steps 7-10 of our fat loss program with some excellent suggestions.  If you haven’t read Part 2 (Steps 4-6) or Part 1 (Steps 1-3) please feel free to read them by clicking here and here.   So, here goes…

7. Why Are Steps 4 & 5 So Important? You Have to Feed Your Gut Bacteria….

Brain Gut BacteriaThe importance of eating healthy whole foods and drinking enough water goes well beyond just the normal “to lose weight” answer.  The way we eat and water intake controls our entire day because it controls the health of our gut bacteria. Gut bacteria determines what we feel like because it has an impact on mood and energy levels.

Given the extent to which bacteria are now understood to influence human physiology, it is hardly surprising that scientists have turned their attention to how bacteria might affect the brain. Micro-organisms in our gut secrete a profound number of chemicals, and researchers have found that among those chemicals are the same substances used by our neurons to communicate and regulate mood, including dopamine, serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

Ask yourself this question – When do you want to exercise and eat healthy?  It’s when you’re feeling good and not drained.  The best way to increase the chances of feeling good is to eat healthy consistently.  That means every single day you’re making sure you’ve consumed enough fat, protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, and water.

If you don’t, you run the risk of feeling lethargic and missing workouts and having intense food cravings.  By keeping your gut bacteria healthy you set yourself up for success in all the other steps of living a healthy life.

8. Be Solution Oriented

Problems - Solutions

Too often when there is a problem, we talk about the “why’s of why” we can’t do something.  This is why I can’t workout, this is why I can’t eat healthy, this is why I can’t drink water, this is why I can’t… you name it.  The list of can’t and explanations of why are endless.  This is absolutely the wrong mindset to have when you’re trying to make a change.  You need to become solution oriented.

Instead of saying why you can’t workout, come up with solutions as to how you can workout, or eat healthy, or strategies to drink more water a day.  For example, set alarms in your phone if you have to, for every hour to make sure you drink water.  That might seem absurd but it needs to be done because you’re creating new habits.

Take control now, or five years are going to go by and you will be in the exact same situation, or worse, in terms of your health.

9. Momentum Can Be Your Friend or Worst Enemy


With diet everything is a domino effect.  If you drink a lot one night and eat pizza and wings and get 6 hours of sleep, the next day you will either miss your workout or have a bad workout.  This will mean later that day you won’t eat as healthy because honestly, who craves healthy food when they feel bad?  When you don’t feel well you crave carbs, salts, and bad fats.  Now, your one night of poor decisions has led to the next day of poor decisions, which can lead to a third day of feeling it from that one night of poor choices. This is an example of momentum being your worst enemy.  By treating your body poorly, you are impacting everything for the next few days until you break the cycle.

Now, if you have a solid day of eating right and exercise, you’ll feel great.  You’ll get a much higher quality of sleep that night which means you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and not needing 32 oz. of coffee to feel like a person.  The next day you’ll workout and again continue to eat healthy because you feel great.  Making momentum your friend and not your enemy is key.

10. Control Your Environment

Change is hard, you need to make it as easy for yourself as possible and set yourself up for success. Follow this simple rule, if you know it’s bad for you, don’t buy it. Don’t keep it in the house. Until you build up your will-power you will eat or drink whatever it is you keep in the house.

Also just as important is surrounding yourself with supportive people.

Supportive People

This can be a trainer, nutritionist, people you meet in an online group, friends you have who live a healthy life, people in the gym. You need to find people in your life you can turn to, who live a healthy life.  Remember, it all starts with you. If you’re fit and healthy it’s because you made yourself that way. If you’re overweight, tired, and out of shape, you made yourself that way as well. No one else is responsible but you.  So, begin controlling your environment.