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Why Women Should Train With Weights

Women With Weights - 1By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

From years of working out and working in various gyms I can’t tell you how many times I see the same scenario – the poor uninformed female flailing away with the pink 3 lb. dumbbells in hopes that her body is mysteriously going to turn into Giselle’s.

Over the years, I have trained a vast array of clients, from Division I athletes to overweight clients, with about 70% of the adults being women.  The one thing I’ve learned is that strength training with 70-85% of your one rep maximum is not only beneficial but necessary for the female species. Most females have a lower strength to body weight ratio than males. Females also put on more lower body fat as they mature than males, not to mention their high-risk of osteoporosis as they get older.

So why don’t more women strength train with weights? [Read more…]


Active Recovery

It’s a well-known fact that your muscles grow while you rest.

If you are like me, you sometimes feel guilty taking days “off” from training. I just don’t feel right doing “nothing” all day. Active Recovery workouts are low intensity / low volume workouts whose purpose is to get blood into the muscles and enhance recovery.

Here are some guidelines for a successful active recovery workout:

  • No more than 1 hour in duration
  • No more than twice per week
  • Use 50-60% of your normal “training” weight
  • Use compound exercises such as squats and pushups, not biceps & triceps. Or better yet, get outside and go for a bike ride, play some basketball etc
  • Have fun!!

Remember, if you feel tired after an active recovery workout, then you did too much work.


Suffern Basketball

The Suffern High School Men’s Basketball season starts on December 6th. The JV and Varsity teams will be playing Nyack at Suffern High School.

Many of the players of both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are members of Rockland Peak Performance. We had the pleasure to work with these young men during their off season and we are continuing our workouts with them as now they are in season. Their commitment to continue working out during their season is a testament to the work ethic and character of these players.

The noticeable progress they made physically in the weight room and mentally with their ability to push harder and harder each time they came to the gym was a remarkable transformation. Each of these players are much bigger, faster, agile, and smarter than when they first arrived in Spring 2011.

From Nunzio, Kevin, Doug and the rest of the RPP Staff….


We look forward to going to many of your games!