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10 of the Top Ways To Reduce Body Fat and Build Muscle

1. Get eight hours sleep per day. This helps the body to repair itself, which aids in building muscle and turning our bodies into calorie burning machines.

2. Strength train at least 2 to 3 times per week. Training with weights using a full body circuit and using compound movements (movements that require more than one joint to perform the movement). [Read more…]


How To Incorporate Fasting Into Your Diet

At Rockland Peak Performance, we are constantly striving to deliver our clients life changing results.  In doing so, a diet must be constructed that fits a persons needs and life style.  We have accumulated numerous diets and strategies to optimize fat loss.  One of these strategies is fasting or the abstention from eating for a determined period of time. [Read more…]


Is A Gluten Free Lifestyle For You?

In 2010, Novak Djokovic was widely considered a superstar player in the world of professional tennis.  Djokovic, 24, the former Austrian Open tournament champion and number three player in the ATP world rankings was earning tens of millions of dollars annually and was also being considered to be the most popular athlete in his home country of Serbia. [Read more…]


Member Spotlight: Collin MacDonald

Collin MacDonald 2“I started the summer off looking for a place to workout that was going to help me reach my goals for the off-season.  I’m a hockey player and I needed to get bigger, stronger, and faster.

I spent about 3 months working out at RPP, approximately three times a week. No matter what time of the day it was, I always walked into the gym to be greeted by a group of positive instructors. Not only are the enthusiastic toward their job, they are the most knowledgeable trainers I’ve ever worked with. If you have a question, they have the answer. They know nutrition, supplements, proper workout techniques, and most of all they know what it takes to succeed. [Read more…]