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Strength and Conditioning Can Be the “Deal Breaker” for Young Athletes

dlBy Nunzio Signore  (B.A., NASM, PES, CPT)

Aside from the obvious things a college coach or recruiter looks for when evaluating a ball player (arm strength, hitting power and defensive ability), one of the biggest deal breakers is a player’s size and body composition.

Size and body comp can go deep into projecting the future both performance-wise and health wise of a ball player.

College coaches also look at a player’s body type to determine what they’ll look like, and how well they’ll hold up to the tougher demands of a college strength program. Here at RPP we have developed a training program with both strength as well as mobility and stability training built into the program to ensure joint health . This can go a long way in preparing a player in the off season, as well as ensuring that they will finish as strong as they started during the season.

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