3 Great Training Tips to Increase Power for Goalies

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

3 Great Training Tips to Increase Power for Goalies - Top Image

Goalies are altogether different, not only from a positional perspective, but from a personality and psychological perspective as well. As a result they should not be trained like regular skaters.  Although there will be many similarities between skaters and goalies in the training program, there are some very distinct differences that can and should be considered when training explosiveness for goalies.  Here are a couple of examples:

Make power (explosive) work more single leg and lateral – Goalies move side to side (post-to-post) and much like a catcher in baseball, go from kneeling (and sometimes sprawling) to standing quickly. While utilizing sagittal plane exercises such as box jumps can be ok, adding lateral, diagonal and rotational components make the training much more specific. Working on inside leg drive to become more explosive to be able to move laterally in the net works wonders as well.

(Lateral Power Step-up)

Utilize different planes of motion in one drill – Mayhem in front of the net never happens in an “orderly fashion”.  Why then would we train that way?

(Lateral-Rotational Bounding Drill)

Alactic and aerobic conditioning only – The average interval used for conditioning “skaters” is generally 0:30-0:45 seconds. If a goalie is working as hard as they can for 0:30-0:45 seconds continuously, something has gone horribly wrong. Goalies are best served by focusing on alactic power (the ability to produce power as quickly as possible for roughly 6-12 sec) and aerobic power (the ability to meet medium power output demands using primarily aerobic pathways to help assist in recovery). This is generally a 0:10-0:15 second to 0:30 second work-to-rest ratio. Using longer work-to-rest ratios designed for skaters when training goalies can compromise the development of the “fast twitch” muscle fibers, doing more harm than good.

(Sl. Board Hand-Eye Drill)

It’s needless to say that goalies can take a beating during the season.  Consequently, we have developed a top-to-bottom strength and conditioning program with an added emphasis on mobility and stability specifically to help these athletes not only recover from the season but also prepare them for the kind of volume they’re going to encounter during the next season.

See ya’ in the gym.