Adult Training

Barbell Complex and Interval Training - 1To put it mildly our Adult Training programs are high intensity and focused on getting you to be in the best condition that you can be. All private clients start with an overall “movement assessment” (click here for more on this topic) which helps create a specialized program for each individual taking into account their mobility and physical strengths and weaknesses. The workouts consist of:

• Myofascial Release (foam roll)
• Active Warm-up
• Functional Strength Training
• Metabolic Conditioning

The types of equipment utilized in our programs are very different from what you find in a typical gym. We work with dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls as well as making use of our two 1,200 sq. ft. weight rooms and 25 yards of indoor turf.

Training Programs

Adult Training - Private Training Left Side 1Private Training:
Private Training is a perfect option for someone who desires one-on-one training and coaching. Following a thorough assessment, workouts are specifically designed to an individual’s needs whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a 3 season athlete. Private training is great for the first timer who feels a little intimidated working in a group environment.

Adult Training - Semi-Private Left Side 2Semi-Private Training (2-3 people):
Semi-Private Training is very similar to our Private Training sessions. However, it’s ideal for the individual who is motivated by working with others yet still prefers a semi-private setting. This option offers a more one-on-one approach than a group or class session, while adding the “competitive edge” of a larger group.

Adult-Training---Program-DeIndividualized Program Design:
Our Individualized Program Design is a 4-week program and is 100% designed around YOU.  Following a review of the assessment results we prepare a specialized program based on your strengths and imbalances.  You train on your own by following your own individualized program.  You can visit the facility as many times (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sat 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.) as you would like and at 2-3x per week it is similar in pricing to a Metabolic Strength or regular Metabolic class.  Pending the results of the assessment, RPP reserves the right to inform a customer that Individualized Program Design may not be the appropriate protocol for them.

Classes (please click here for schedules)

Adult Training - Adult Group Left Side 3

Adult Metabolic Strength Training:
Our Metabolic Strength classes are designed for both active adults as well as adults looking to improve body composition, increase metabolism, as well as overall fitness. The challenging program-design can be regressed if needed based on training age and movement quality so that all fitness levels are accommodated.

Our 60 minute sessions flow seamlessly through mobility and agility work into power and strength training in the weight room and ending with a conditioning “finisher”.  The programming changes every four weeks, allowing the body to adapt and helping it become stronger and more efficient instead of “changing it up” every other session.  In addition, within every 4-week period session there are two different programs which are intermixed during the week to provide for a variety of training.  Programs are not only educational; they’re fun as well as challenging.  Please click here for more detail on our Adult Metabolic Strength classes if you are interested.

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