Adult Testimonials

“Before I ever lost my first pound with Nunzio, he began changing my life. I was taking a beta blocker for high blood pressure and medication for diabetes. During our first session together I was unable to get through a few seconds of cardio without needing to sit down and rest. Nunzio researched the problem that I was experiencing and the next time I saw him, he suggested I switch the timing of my beta blocker medication because he thought that was causing my problem. He was right. That is the type of care Nunzio and the trainers at RPP show for their clients. They go out of their way to figure out a solution. Since that day I am proud to say that I have lost over 60 pounds and 6 pants sizes. I am also currently medication-free for both high blood pressure and diabetes! I highly recommend RPP to anyone who is looking for experienced and effective trainers.”

– Alyne Schwartz

“RPP is amazing, it makes working out and building your core FUN and unique! I was so bored with just running on the treadmill and watching Rachel Ray at my regular gym! I took my first personal training class today and I already feel like a million bucks! I love sliding side to side on the glide board, pulling the sled by running backwards and doing the entire strength training! Looking forward to doing it again and again! Thank you RPP (Nunzio and Cynthia!)!!”

– Stephanie Huang

“I’m happy to say I’ve lost 100 pounds and 10 pants sizes…Thanks for your encouragement and skill.”

– Vincent Cacioppo

“I have started to train at RPP in Sloatsburg, NY with the help of Doug and Nunzio there. They kick my butt but I love every second of it! It’s an awesome facility and a nice, big, private training area. Anyone in the area that is looking for quality trainers who truly do care about their clients and results, check it out!”

– Amanda Arlauskas, The Biggest Loser Season 8 Finalist

“Six months ago frustrated with not being able to lose weight I started training at RPP. I needed to do something between my back issue and arthritis to get and keep my body going and the weight off. I told myself I would give it a try for a couple months and hoped for this to be what I needed. I found more than just a gym. When you first walk through the door you are greeted by friendly, smiling trainers. Each is knowledgeable, encouraging and enthusiastic to work with you at getting you to where you want to be. Between the classes and training, I have lost a total of 16 inches and dropped three sizes in clothes! More importantly, my back no longer bothers me and I can actually get up from the floor without needing help. I feel better and have more energy than I have in a long time!”

– Betty Van Der Beek

“There are not enough words to express my thanks for you, Cynthia and RPP! Thanks to you I have lost 30 lbs. to date and am keeping the weight off. Your individualized workouts are exactly what I need to stay focused and changing the full routine every 4-5 weeks also helps me stay motivated. I could feel my metabolism changing over time. There is such a positive, encouraging atmosphere at the gym that I love walking in and getting to work. The workouts are fun, energizing and keep me, a working mother of 2 year-old twins, committed to finding time to keep exercising! You are absolutely THE BEST and have helped to change my exercise routine for life! Thank you!”

– Christine

“Since working out at RPP, I have increased my ability to move more freely as well as lose weight and increase my cardio-vascular endurance.”

– Tyler Rhodes, Owner Rhodes North Tavern

“At the time that I joined RPP I had hit a roadblock in my life and began to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. What I quickly began to realize when I started training is the belief that exercise is not only beneficial for my physical well being but more importantly, my emotional state. When I leave RPP, the endorphins that are released in my system actually have allowed me to slowly decrease my treatment for anxiety. This is not a medical claim, but my reality.
RPP is not your typical gym, it is a nurturing environment. All of the trainers will comment on how hard someone is working, and other patrons will comment on how someone has changed for the better. The best way to describe my relationship with RPP is the embodiment of a “Body, Mind & Spirit” philosophy. It is one of the best changes I made with my life!”

– Arlene Buhse

“To say that RPP changed my life is an understatement. I grew up in a household where pasta and rice were considered health foods. As a chunky teenager, I was even bullied for my weight. I met Nunzio at a time when I didn’t have a lot of energy to work out, yet somehow his coaching and “tough love” approach to fitness kept me coming back for more. I trained hard and surprised myself by achieving muscle tonality and strength that I couldn’t have even dreamed possible. I went from a size 10 to a size 4 in the healthiest way possible. I am now a fitness instructor and a fashion model…two titles I would have never thought possible. The training methods at RPP are rooted in cutting-edge science and center around a progression that has proven results for those starting out at any level. I can’t say enough about RPP and owe Nunzio and his team a big debt of gratitude.”

– Catherine

“Thanks to everyone at RPP for helping me train for the Tough Mudder (billed as the toughest one day endurance race on the planet). I was able to swim, crawl, climb, jump, slide and drag myself through the 12.1 miles, 19 obstacle courses with ease thanks to weeks of hardcore training and boot camps. Looking forward to the next race in …the spring! I also beat my time last year at the 5 mile Turkey Trot at Rockland Lake by over 5 minutes! Thanks RPP!”

– Laura Pecoraro