Arm Care (Part 2) – Post Throwing Maintenance

By Nunzio Signore (B.A. CPT, NASM, FMS, PES)


In today’s post we are covering Part 2 of Arm Care.  In case you missed Part 1 please click here.

With summer ball approaching, we get a lot of guys asking what they can do after pitching on the weekends to alleviate soreness and help keep their arms up to snuff. Breathing, light band work and post throwing stretches are key.

Due to the eccentric stress placed on the arm while throwing, breathing drills and light stretching to help relax the back can help pitchers regain lost IR (internal rotation) and elbow extension. Incidentally, the same goes for the hip (IR) and knee (extension) of the front leg from stress due to the landing phase of the delivery.

Here’s an exercise that works on both while incorporating breathing and stretching in one shot:


As for band work, it can help circulation to the rotator cuff which tends to have a poor blood supply in general. With any band work, make sure that it is light in resistance and volume (amount of reps). We never want to work the cuff to failure or even close to it. Here’s a band ER (external rotation) drill which will also improve IR:

At RPP after our pitchers have been assessed (please see blog on Assessments), we incorporate these drills and others as needed as part of our programming for pitchers.
As with all stretches and band drills the correct form and reps are paramount. Bad form (back extension, etc.) and too many reps can do more harm than good. But done correctly they can be a valuable tool in your tool box.