Assessment Page - 2New customers often ask “Why is an assessment necessary?”
My response is simple “Do you want to be the best that you can be?”

Whether you are coming in to train with us for the long haul, coming off of rehab and seeking a training effect (strength training) or coming in for a one-time consultation regarding a particular issue, an assessment/movement screen can be an extremely powerful piece of the puzzle for success. This is true regardless of whether you are training for your sport (baseball or softball pitchers please click here for Pitchers Assessment) or simply wanting to learn how to move and feel better.

A movement assessment not only provides a baseline but can tell us many things about an individual’s injury history, training experience and “strategy” or in other words how they get from point A to point B.

Assessment Page - 3• Do they rely too much on their lower back to get into a squat position?
• Are their abs strong enough to support them in a lunge position?
• Are they getting enough rotation from their T-spine?

By observing an individual’s strategy during an assessment, we can better understand his or her weak links in the chain of movement and design an individualized program that helps correct the imbalances and allows the client to be more successful. Furthermore, correcting an individual’s strategy is paramount in helping reduce the risk of injury on the field and in the weight room.

Good Posture => Good Movement => Great Performance

Assessment Page - 1At RPP, we recommend that every private client, whether you’re an athlete or just trying to be the best you can be, gets an assessment prior to starting a personal training program. Upon return of your second visit you will be taken through your new program by one of our coaches. No matter what sport you play, exposing postural weaknesses during an assessment and correcting them through an individualized strength training program is the first step in getting bigger, faster or stronger.