Video Review and Analysis

Clancy Video Review

At RPP we perform a static and dynamic assessment on every pitcher. This helps provide us with important insights into each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses as well as provide them with their own personalized strength training program. Pairing these assessments with a bio-mechanical analysis allows us to dive a little deeper than that of an ordinary pitching lesson performed on a phone or an iPad.


The overhead throwing motion is a complex activity that involves the entire body to achieve accuracy and velocity. This requires activation of the ENTIRE kinetic chain including optimal anatomy, physiology and pitching mechanics. Breaks or deficits in this chain can lead to decreased performance, including low velo and poor command.  They may also inhibit the pitcher’s ability to repeatedly move through functional lines of power on the mound or even worse, ultimately lead to injury (stress to soft tissue, the cuff, shoulder and the UCL, to name a few).

Through a thorough understanding of mechanics and pathomechanics seen in the specific phases of the throwing motion that we analyze here at RPP, we can better evaluate and screen for these deficits. These phases include:

  • Wind-up
  • Stride phase
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Finish
  • Athleticism (intent)

The problem is, many of these mechanical issues are impossible to observe, even with the best bio-mechanical eye when viewed in real time. This is where slow-motion video review is key.

With the use of our advanced video system, state of the art analysis and physical assessment, we are able to prescribe a throwing program. These programs, what we refer to as Pitching Rx (click here for more info), include customized pitching correctives as well as strength and mobility programming to help athletes reach their desired positions on the mound and literally re-map faulty mechanical issues that can cause injury as well as drain mph from a pitcher’s velocity.

Bio-mechanical Analysis - 2

RPP’s 4-camera video system is a state-of-the-art technology that utilizes:

  • 4 high speed cameras
  • 4 views: Top view, left side, right side and front side
  • Simultaneous recording from all 4 angles with pitch-by-pitch playback
  • 120 frames per second slow motion playback

As a part of our review, we make sure that every pitcher leaves with an understanding of their movement and mechanics and a clear cut plan specifically designed to deliver a more durable thrower with a high level of body awareness combined with a higher velocity ceiling.

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