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At RPP, every Lacrosse player comes to us looking to improve different parts of their game. Some are hoping to improve their speed, some are looking to improve their endurance, some are looking to improve their start/stop explosiveness and some simply want to improve their ability to cover more of the field. The reality is that every player is different and a proper strength and conditioning program should help every aspect of a Lacrosse player’s game. Lacrosse is a game of endurance but it’s also game about explosiveness and power.

In creating the correct protocol there is no better place to start than with a thorough assessment which is then followed by an individualized program based on the assessment results and the athlete’s specific goals.

We recommend that every athlete gets a movement assessment (click here for more on this topic) prior to starting a personal training program. No matter what the sport, and Lacrosse is no different, exposing abnormal postural, mobility and movement patterns during an assessment and correcting them through an individualized strength training program is the first step in safely getting bigger, faster and stronger.

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Our program design is highly controlled and managed. We constantly re-evaluate its volume/intensity from week-to-week depending on an athlete’s near and long term objectives as well as changes in their game schedule. Our programs also take into account whether an athlete is a goalie, a forward or a defensemen and are adjusted depending on whether it’s off-season or in-season.

Below is a summary of our Program Highlights:

• Initial Testing – Mini combine (including Shuttle run, Upper and Lower body strength assessment)
• Flexibility – Foam rolling, active and dynamic warm-ups
• Speed and Agility – Acceleration, deceleration both linear and lateral
• Explosive Power – Plyometrics and medicine ball techniques for explosive “first-step” movement
• Shot Strength – Rotational Core Strength, hip mobility, upper body strength
• Goalie Specific Training – Quadriceps, glute strength, knee stability (health)
• Explosive Power – Plyometrics and medicine ball work for explosive starting and stopping technique
• Conditioning – Getting athletes endurance ready for the season
• Injury Reduction – Programs focus on improving the way athletes move
• Nutrition – Each athlete receives a nutrition plan to suit their individual needs