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Kate-&-Allie-shoulder-tapsIt is no secret that a softball player’s game can be completely transformed by a strength and conditioning program.  Generally speaking, a stronger posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings) means harder driven balls, and a quicker first step translates to getting to more grounders and increased speed to first.   It’s also common knowledge that both upper and lower body strength translates to a higher pitching velocity.   And that’s just the start of it.

A common misconception is that the training protocol for baseball and softball are the same.  Well it is and it isn’t.  Female athletes generally have more “laxity” (loose joints) than male athletes attributing to the higher percentages of ACL and rotator cuff tears.  Addressing the positives and potential negatives of this laxity need to be incorporated in any well thought out softball strength and conditioning program.

On the other hand, softball, similar to baseball, is about explosive movements that last only a few seconds followed by recovery between each play.  It’s about body mechanics and being able to create force with the right muscle groups as quickly as possible in a safe manner.  Softball players, especially pitchers, as overhead athletes need a special program design that can help them excel at their sport.

We recommend that every athlete gets a movement assessment (click here for more on this topic) prior to starting a personal training program. No matter what the sport, and softball is no different, exposing abnormal, mobility and movement strategies during an assessment and correcting them through an individualized strength training program is the first step in safely getting faster and stronger.

Our program design is highly controlled and managed. We constantly re-evaluate its volume/intensity from week-to-week depending on an athlete’s near and long term objectives as well as changes in their game schedule and time of year. Our programs also take into account whether an athlete is a position player or a pitcher and are adjusted depending on whether it’s off-season or in-season.

Gabby-Caccamo-Sled-CrossoveBelow is a summary of our Program Highlights:

  • Initial Testing and Assessment – Movement screening
  • Mobility/movement – Foam rolling, active and dynamic warm-ups, mobility and stabilization drills
  • Speed and Agility – Acceleration, deceleration both linear and lateral, running mechanics
  • Explosive Power – Plyometrics and medicine ball techniques for explosive “first-step” movement and rotary core development
  • Strength – Supervised functional training sessions, focusing on upper body, lower body, core and arm health in both private and group/team settings.
  • Conditioning – Getting athletes endurance ready for the season
  • Injury Reduction – Programs focus on improving athlete’s movement strategies
  • Nutrition – Each athlete receives a nutrition plan to suit their individual needs

RPP Elite Softball Program

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