Exit Velo Program, the Hitting Side of Things – Part 1

By Mike Rozema (Rozema Baseball, Director of Hitting at RPP)

Aaron Judge Exit Velo

The Exit Velocity Program is great for players looking to increase power and explosiveness in driving the ball.  The program and all its many components have several benefits but I would like to provide a summary from the hitting side of things and cover several topics, including:

  • Who the program is appropriate for
  • Differences between the program and typical hitting sessions
  • Benefits of over and underload bats
  • Improving swing mechanics to help barrel the ball

This is a program designed to improve a player’s performance at the plate by increasing their ability to strike the ball consistently and with force.  Between the strength training and hitting programs, this is an intensive 12-week schedule. And to put it mildly, we will be hitting a lot with two very specific objectives (a) improving exit velo and (b) improving swing mechanics to be able to square up the ball more consistently.

(Exit Velo Program)

Who is the Exit Velo Program Appropriate For?

This is a great program for those looking to improve their exit velo.  And generally, that should be just about every baseball player at all levels of the game, including:

  • High school players looking to get recruited for college and beyond
  • Young players looking to make their high school team or possibly make varsity during the early years of high school
  • Young players transitioning to the bigger field that realize very quickly the ball does not travel as it used to… Doubles are now singles, etc.
  • Players with smaller frames that are looking to improve their ability to drive the ball

Wherever you look coaches and scouts are looking for higher metrics and numbers, and exit velo is no different.  It’s now posted at every single showcase event.  It’s on TV every night for every single MLB player.  High school coaches are now measuring players’ exit velocities and using the info to think through their lineups.

In summary, as schools look at players there are very few metrics used to evaluate a hitter outside of performance on the field.  Exit velo has become a widely followed metric as a player’s ability as a hitter and it can open the door for high school and college coaches to take a closer look at someone.

(Exit Velo Program)

How Does it Compare with Typical Hitting Sessions?

Let me be clear, these sessions are not your typical hitting lessons.  Their sole purpose, in this combined strength training and hitting program, is to (a) improve exit velo by turning strength gains made in the weight room into explosive movements specific to the baseball swing and also (b) improve swing mechanics through repeated drill work with weighted bats.  This is not a program where we go over game or count-specific situations.  However, the net result at the completion of the program is a much improved player that can make contact with more power and hit more consistently.  The two things coaches and scouts are looking for in a ball player.

Please stay tuned for Part 2 where I will go over how we work with weighted bats to help drive exit velo and also help improve swing mechanics.

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