Exit Velo Program

Velo Goes UP Top 2Hitting bombs is really challenging, but big-leaguers make it look incredibly easy.  They know how to put force into the ground and get themselves in a position to succeed. And when that happens their athleticism simply takes over and they drive the ball, hard.

When you have a strong foundation of strength and learn how to use it explosively, your athleticism begins to develop.  It does not, however, happen if you’re:

  • Weak
  • Strong but not powerful

Generally, improving exit velo is a function of 4 distinct elements that come together for every batter at the point of contact with a baseball:

  • Strength
  • Power / Explosiveness
  • Mobility
  • Squaring up / barreling up the ball

The Strength / Exit Velo Program is a 12-week protocol for players (ages 13-15 and 16+) specifically designed to deliver on each of these premises, while looking to achieve a “higher exit velo ceiling”.  Our program begins with a complete head-to-toe athletic profile assessment.  The results of this assessment are incorporated into every player’s training program, which are then complemented with swing-specific drill work utilizing over and underweighted bats.  The following is a summary of the program’s four components:

  • Athletic Profile Assessment
  • Hitting Program
  • Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Recovery

Athletic Profile Assessment – Baseball players move in all three planes of motion so their program and assessment should reflect that. The Assessment is an extensive anatomical evaluation of the player’s overall physicality and mobility.  Physical limitations and imbalances, from a strength and mobility standpoint, can have profound effects on a player’s ability to perform at his max potential.


The assessment covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Anthropometrics
  • Mobility / Stability
  • Strength and Power Testing
  • Power/ Force Production Testing

The 60-minute evaluation is an extremely important part of the program.  Please click here if you would like additional information on assessments.

Hitting Program – The Hitting Program is designed to improve exit speed by gradually exposing the player to the increasing levels of intensity.  The protocol essentially focuses on  two specific components of a typical hitting session to help improve swing mechanics and drive the ball.

Hitting Lesson vs. EV Program

The programming incorporates overload and underload weighted bats with extensive drill work to help with proprioception and kinesthetic awareness and to train fast twitch / explosive movements specific to the swing.

Axe Weighted BatsOverload Training – The swing is a very complex process that requires multiple segments of the body to interact via a kinetic link in an efficient manner. Swinging with an overload bat has many benefits. It is a difficult movement to replicate in a purely strength training environment. So, swinging with increased resistance in a controlled setting is a great way to begin to transfer the body’s natural strength into higher exit speeds.  Using overload bats can also aid in developing a more efficient movement pattern by requiring the body to hold the bat closer to the body during the swing.  Furthermore, the heavier bat feeds the hitter’s intention is to hit the baseball with additional quickness and power forcing the body to move in the most efficient manner possible.

Underload Training – Training with underload implements in any athletic movement helps increase speed by recruiting more fast twitch fibers.  The process provides the player with the training effect of improving velo on the rapid fire end of the spectrum. The player gets the stimulus of swinging an underload bat much faster than he would swinging a regular -3 bat. Decreasing the weight of the implement speeds up the swing and moves the athlete further to the right on the strength-speed continuum.  This creates not only preparation and awareness of how the arm moves in a higher velocity, but also improves the capacity in both the underlying musculature as well as the central nervous system.

Barreling Up the Ball – Hitting the ball square and barreling it up as hard as possible is a significant component of improving exit speed.  By using guided swings the program promotes the generation of force/precision to make optimal contact and drive the ball.  The program through its extensive drill / tee work also helps improve a player’s ability to square up the ball by exposing the batter to a variety of hitting protocols with over, under and regular weighted bats.

Please click here and here for more info on the hitting program.

Strength and Conditioning Program – Our strength program for baseball players is 100% designed around the player and is highly specialized and customized for each player’s strengths and imbalances.  It is the cornerstone of our programming and every player must participate in it.  The program is a complete top to bottom protocol with a focus on further developing movement (mobility) and functional strength to help improve exit speed.  It is designed to go hand-in-hand with our Hitting Program and it’s completely correlated.


The reality is that every player is different in every way and each needs a different approach to developing their strength and power.  Our programming takes players out of their comfort zone and trains them in all three planes of motion, sagittal, frontal and transverse.  100% of our programming reflects the rotational yet linear aspect of the sport and it’s 100% designed for players.  The following provides a brief summary of our weekly training program:

  • Soft tissue work
  • Upper / lower body strength training
  • Tri-planar core development
  • Explosive Power development
  • Movement (eccentric, concentric power development)

Please click below for additional information on the various strength training components of the program:

*** Note: The program takes warm-up very seriously.  A complete and individually customized warm-up and post-hitting routine for every player is an integral part of programming.  It mush be 100% adhered to in order to prepare players for the load ahead.

Recovery – When talking about a complete or comprehensive training or hitting program, the conversation has to begin and end with “recovery”.  Fatigue is the enemy of mechanics. In other words, when an area of the body is fatigued or sore, movement is compromised throughout the entire chain, causing a negative effect on bio-mechanics and increasing the risk of injury. Being that hitting is a repetitive movement, along with it comes the possibility of overuse injuries.  By expediting the recovery process immediately following a workout or bullpen you:

  • Reduce muscle fatigue or soreness
  • Help maintain movement efficieny
  • Enhance future performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Active Recovery is an integral part of our programming and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) was designed for just this.  Please click here for more info.

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