Hitters Rx… Inside the Nets

By Mike Rozema (Power 5 Baseball, Director of Hitting at RPP)


Hitters Rx is a comprehensive hitting and strength and conditioning program designed to cover just about every aspect of a player’s off-season training as well as teaching them the necessary skills to play at any competitive level.  It is divided into several pieces, including Day 1 Assessment, Mobility, Absolute Strength (November/December), Strength/Speed (January) and Speed/Explosiveness (February) and of course a completely well thought-out and pre-programmed hitting program inside the hitting nets.  The chart below provides a brief timeline from start to finish:

Hitters Rx Schedule Chart

As we get close to the start of the Hitters Rx program, I am getting excited to put to work what we have mapped out for our players.  On the hitting side, Hitters Rx is scheduled for over 20 hitting sessions (2x per week) from early December right up to end of February, prior to the start of the high school season.  It will encompass everything from swing mechanics, to simulated game situations with tons of reps and ultimately how to simplify it all prior to the start of the season.

(Hitters Rx Program… Hitting Side of Things)

We cover three different phases during the program:

Phase 1 – Your Swing Mechanics

The initial phase of the program involves a total assessment of player’s swing mechanics as well as game situation strengths/weaknesses. From there a plan is formulated for each player involving drills to make necessary changes to their individual swing.  In addition, although every player is different there a few basic topics that I believe each athlete should adhere to.  Here is a quick example:

(Swing Mechanics – Being on Time as a Hitter)

Phase 2 – Being a Hitter

During this phase we address numerous aspects of being a great hitter.  All of these topics are focused on the GAME of baseball and place an importance on being a great hitter.  These aspects include situational hitting, following/learning from the game, pitcher tendencies, adjustments, etc.

(Hitting the Ball Up in the Zone)

(Hitting Approach w/ Pitchers in Mind)

Phase 3 – Simplifying our Approach

During the final phase of the program, we break down the process to ensure players are clear about what we need to get done and how to go about it.  I am a true believer in simplicity of Approach and just like many things in baseball everything is simple on paper but then they get complicated. These things take time to observe and learn.  I think learning about how you Approach each game and each at-bat is often an overlooked part of the game. Hitting a baseball is ridiculously hard.  Players need to learn that much of their success is inter-twined with staying connected with the game at all times.


The 21 sessions in the Hitters Rx are progressive in nature, meaning that our reps increase as the time goes and we cover more and more ground with respect to hitting and game situations.  The following is a brief summary of the schedule:

  • Weeks 1-2 – Swing analysis and planning
  • Weeks 3-8 – All things hitting
  • Weeks 9-10 – Speed up to simulate game situation
  • Weeks 11-12 – Slow down to simplify

Hitters Rx is a program bar none.  From inside the nets to the outside of the nets, Hitters Rx is a comprehensive program to help prepare players for the upcoming season.  Looking forward to starting the off-season…
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