Hitters Rx Protocol

Training the Complete Ball Player

The Hitters Rx Protocol is about training the complete ball player and it covers just about every aspect of a player’s off-season training, from hitting to strength, power and speed.  The Protocol is divided into several components, including Day 1 Assessment, Mobility, Absolute Strength (November/December), Strength/Speed (January) and Speed/Explosiveness (February).  Each phase prepares the player for the next one, while keeping in mind where the player is from a development standpoint at any given point during the off-season.  The program meets 2x per week.

Assessment (Day 1) – At RPP, every ballplayer begins with what we call an Athletic Profile Assessment (click here for more info). It is an extremely thorough review of a ball player’s bat speed, exit speed, hitting mechanics, movement strategy, mobility, core strength and scapular stability, as well as upper and lower body strength and force production. The assessment helps us customize training programs by building a ball player’s profile from the ground up.  The results of the assessment are not only incorporated into the programming, every player receives a set of mobility correctives that they can perform on their own and at RPP 3-4 days per week.

Absolute Strength (generally 3-4 weeks during November) – The first phase of the off-season is all about building Absolute Strength. During this period we emphasize strength training using lower reps combined with high intensities and big movements (i.e. dead-lifts, squats, pressing and pulling movements). As the Absolute Strength phase of the off-season progresses, we begin to add explosive lifts, as well as introducing multi-planar movements with resistance such as med ball throws into the strength program. We begin to get the athlete moving while still creating a strength training effect. There is no hitting during the early portion of this phase.  The following chart provides a session-by-session summary:

Hitters Rx Phase I Image

Strength/Explosiveness (generally 12 weeks from early December through February) – The second and third phases of the off-season are about building on the Absolute Strength phase and simply becoming more explosive in all aspects of the game. This is about training specific movement strategies to help improve your hitting mechanics as well as improving your bat speed, exit speed and running speed.  During this period, the program continues to meet 2x per week, each session beginning with hitting instruction and then continuing with strength training.

During this phase, conditioning drills and movements are more specific to hitting and playing on the field as we get the athlete ready to begin their season. Med Ball work is ramped-up and takes on more baseball specific movements. Weighted complexes (a series of exercises performed in sequence without stopping to replace the heavier intensity sets in the weight room), and change-of-direction and speed drills specific to movements on the field become the emphasis in this phase. Our main focus is to apply the strength gains we have acquired earlier in the off-season to create power in the movements that will translate over to speed and explosiveness, helping to improve your hitting  skills.

Speed Program (1x per week during January and February) – During the months of January-February, Hitters Rx will offer an optional 3rd day of training focused on baseball-specific speed, including lateral, linear, first-step quickness and change-of-direction.  To participate in the Speed Program players need to be already taking part in any one of our strength training programs (Hitters Rx or otherwise).

The following chart provides a session-by-session summary:

Hitters Rx Phase II

The Hitters Rx Protocol is a complete off-season training program for ball players.