Off-Season Hockey Program

Kevin Hill Landmine (Hockey)Off-season is the period when athletes, especially hockey players, need to concentrate on increasing their physicality. This may be in the form of gaining size and strength, or increasing muscle mass while losing unwanted body weight. The time invested during this period can have significant impact on a player’s ability, performance and risk of injury once the season begins.

John Redgate (Hockey)For many hockey players the off-season begins immediately after the season ends and runs through end of October. This provides a long timeline to substantially increase one’s overall strength and conditioning by taking part in a complete top to bottom program. Generally speaking, hockey players that take part in a complete off-season program can start and end the season with the same degree of on-ice confidence and performance.

Below is a summary timeline and our programming focus from March through October:

Early Off-Season:
* March – April: 3x 10-12 reps (hypertrophy-regeneration) – Minimal sprint work
* April – May: 3x 5-6 reps (absolute strength) – Minor multi-directional sprint work

Matt Willows ImageMid Off-Season:
* June – July: 3x 5-8 reps (absolute strength) – Start to introduce lateral and rotational movement

Late Off-Season:
* July – August: 3x 8 reps (strength-hypertrophy) – Movements become more hockey specific and multi-directional sprint work is ramped up

* September: Sets are timed (strength-speed) – Loaded circuits (timed), very hockey specific movements
* October: B.W. circuits and conditioning (speed-strength) – Half loaded circuit, half body weight circuit, mostly lateral movement

The following is a sample 7-day program that is followed by college and pro level players. It is highly adjustable for younger athletes that have more demands on their time.  Athletes range from visiting RPP from once a week to 5 days a week depending on their preparation plans in the off-season.

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