Interview with Andrew Eng, Ridgewood Grad and Binghamton University Outfielder

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, NASM, CPT, PES, FMS)

We are here with Andrew Eng, Ridgewood high school grad and currently a freshman at Binghamton University.  Andrew started training with us during his senior year at Ridgewood and I have to say that there aren’t many like Andrew Eng.  He is one of the most athletic and explosive athletes to ever train at RPP.  He still holds the triple jump record here.  Last winter, he was also the Most Improved Athlete at our gym.  Andrew joined me for a brief interview this holiday season when he was home for the break.

Nunzio:  We’re here with Andrew Eng, an outfielder with Binghamton University.  Great to have you back training here and thanks for a few minutes of your time for this interview.  I think it’s always helpful to get feedback and input from college guys about their experience.  So, let’s start by you telling us about yourself.

Andrew:  Thanks Nunz, it’s great to be back.  I grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey and went to Ridgewood High School.  I have played baseball my whole life.  I started with our local baseball league town team in Ridgewood, Then I played for PBI Eagles and finally with the North Jersey Cardinals, as my high school career started to kind of wind down.  I played varsity high school baseball for three years, starting my sophomore year and then committed to playing college baseball at Binghamton during my Junior year.

Nunzio:  Do you feel that the work you did here at RPP helped prepare you for college and made you more confident in the weight room when you arrived at Binghamton.

Andrew:  I definitely think the lifting here at RPP made me more confident going into my freshman year.  I was definitely more knowledgeable about form on the different exercises.  I felt like I was one of the stronger players on the team already as a freshman, deadlifting and doing some of the more advanced lifts/programs.  I had better form and overall knowledge and knew my way around the weight room better than most.

Nunzio:  I’ll also include that I know from talking to baseball coaches that they look at a player’s experience when he comes into the weight room in college.  It reflects on how serious he took his previous training while in high school and it definitely reflects on his character and commitment to a college coach.

What are some of the biggest differences you find between lifts here at RPP and the programs you have been handed in college?

Andrew:  I think the biggest difference is that at Binghamton, the focus is on becoming as big and fast and strong, as possible.  So, that involved a lot more straight-bar bench press and straight-bar deadlifts and things like that.  Whereas here there’s a lot more method to the madness.  You still do those types of exercises but also work on the smaller muscle groups.  So, my training here definitely helps with the baseball aspect because it also helps you maintain your mobility and flexibility.

Nunzio:  In closing, what advice do you have for the young guys coming up in regards to getting ready for strength training in college, which I know at the Division I level hits you like a wall when you start as freshmen.  What are some things that players should be doing to prepare?

Andrew:   I think the biggest thing is to not get overly crazy with the whole beach body aspect.  You must train for your sport, something that I know you guys here at RPP do really well is train specifically for the sport. I think improving your flexibility and your mobility are huge.

Nunzio:  Awesome, thanks for your time Andrew.


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