Interview with Hockey Player Anthony Firriolo

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, NASM, CPT, PES, FMS)

Anthony Firriolo PictureToday my interview is with Anthony Firriolo.  An excellent hockey player I had the pleasure of training last summer.  Anthony is a graduate of Don Bosco High School and the NJ Hitmen program and will be joining the Colorado College hockey program this coming September.  He is back for the summer continuing with his off-ice training.

Anthony came to RPP last March and trained with us for nearly five months until his departure in August to join the Kingston Voyageurs in Canada’s Ontario Junior Hockey League.   Upon Arrival in Canada he made a smooth transition and an immediate impact on Kingston’s blueline, recording 4 goals and 22 points in 51 games, as a defensemen.  The 18-year old earned the eyes of the scouting community, which ultimately ended up in him being picked-up by Colorado College’s hockey program.

Nunzio:  Hey Anthony how are you doing today. Thanks for being with us.  Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thanks Nunz, My name is Anthony Firriolo and I am 18 years old.  I am from Montville, New Jersey and I went to Don Bosco high school.  I started my high school career playing for the NJ Bandits at the Ice Vault in Wayne.  Going into my sophomore year and again during my junior year at Don Bosco I played for the NJ Hitmen 16u.  My senior year I played with the Hitmen 18u.  This past year I joined the Kingston Voyageurs in Canada’s Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Nunzio: How did your training here last summer prepare you for the season?

When I played for the NJ Hitmen in high school I went to a different gym.  My main focus was to get bigger, faster, stronger and most importantly more explosive.  When I got here the training took me to another level and my game exploded ten times.  Last summer I was probably at RPP 4 / 5 days per week and during those four and a half months I gained 10 lbs. of lean muscle which I believe made all the difference.  I became a more well-rounded player than I was before.  I am now a lot faster and quicker in the corners and on the ice.

Nunzio: How instrumental do you think your physical preparedness was with respect to your success?

I think it was just as important as anything else.  I have to say that I don’t believe that I would have a Division I college scholarship right now if it wasn’t for my training here last summer.

Nunzio: Did you feel like your training here was sport-specific and tailored to Hockey?

Yes 100%.  My training here was extremely specific to hockey from the very first day when I got my initial assessment all the way to the end. I also really liked how when we got closer to the season the program switched to turning all my strength gains to explosiveness and speed.

Nunzio: When you arrived in Canada, did you feel like the other players as well prepared as you?

Some were but most were not.  Many guys weren’t prepared at all.  I think that helped differentiate me and let the coaches and scouts know that I take this very seriously.

Nunzio: How did you choose your college / University?  What was important to you in making the decision?

Besides being one of the top college programs in the country, I liked the culture a lot.  The coaches made me feel at home and that was a big aspect in choosing the school.

Nunzio: What advice do you have for young hockey players to help them get to the next level?

Hockey is a very physical sport and most hockey players don’t realize that.  We all love to skate and sometimes we forget that the off-ice work is just as important.  Being physically prepared from a strength and conditioning standpoint is very important.  In addition, being on a good nutrition plan is extremely important in helping maintain your strength and weight.  You have to take care of your body.

Nunzio:  We’re all looking forward to having you back this summer.  I know you are planning on continuing to work hard and get strong before you leave.  Thanks so much for your time and glad to have you back.