Interview with Tyler Harmon, Ramsey High / NJ Hitmen Alum and UVM Commit

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, NASM, CPT, PES, FMS)

Tyler HarmonToday my interview is with Tyler Harmon.  Tyler is a graduate of Ramsey High School hockey program.  Tyler went 61-8-4 in his high school career, leading Ramsey to the NJ State Championship.  He was also the Record Player of the Year in 2016.  During the past year, Tyler played for the NJ Hitmen Premier hockey team where he was recently selected as the 2017 USPHL Goal Tender of the Year.  Tyler has committed to play for the University of Vermont beginning this fall, one of the premier programs in the country.


Nunzio:  Hey Tyler how are you doing today. It’s nice to have you back here at RPP. Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time.  Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Tyler: It’s nice to be back Nunz.  I am a graduate of Ramsey High School where I played four years of hockey and I also played 4 years of Midget Hockey for the NJ Hitmen.  I also played a post-grad year for the NJ Hitmen during the 2016-2017 season.  I am now getting ready to go to the University of Vermont.

Nunzio: I know you spent the past year with the NJ Hitmen, can you please tell me a little about your decision to take a year off and play hockey?

Tyler: I decided to take a year off to further develop my game to get ready for the next level and also give myself more time to mature physically.  It was great experience and the right thing for me to do.

Nunzio: How did your training here last summer prepare you for the season with the NJ Hitmen?

Tyler: My time here last summer was extremely helpful in getting me ready for the season this past winter.  The entire RPP staff was committed to get me stronger and fully prepared for the season.  When I started playing hockey again in the fall I felt that I was better prepared than many, if not most, of the players on my team.

Nunzio: I know you are a goalie and I was wondering whether you feel that your training here is sport- and position-specific?

Tyler: Definitely, all my programming is designed around me being a goal tender.  This year especially my goalie movements on the ice were a lot more agile and faster.  My legs are much stronger and my lateral movement is quicker.  I also don’t fatigue as quickly.

Nunzio: How did you choose the University of Vermont?  What was important to you in making the decision?

Tyler: During the recruiting process, the coaches were extremely welcoming.  I really like the school and their track record. It’s a great program and most importantly when I sat down with parents to discuss the school, we all felt that it was a great fit and a great school to go to, even if I wasn’t playing a sport.

Nunzio: Obviously, you have been very successful thus far, but looking back on your career are there things you would have done differently? The training, the path you have taken, really, anything?

Tyler: I wouldn’t really change where I played or the level I played at any given time.  As long as you’re playing at the right level for your skill set you will get your shot and be seen.  But I have learned so much during the past year about off-ice training that I think, looking back, I would have spent more time and began much earlier training for my specific position as a goalie.

Nunzio: Thanks a lot Tyler.  It’s great to have you back.  Now let’s get you ready for UVM.

Tyler: Sounds good Nunz.  Thanks.