Man, I Love My Job!

Man I love My Job - 1By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

Every once in a while I would like to highlight some of the athletes that train with us at RPP, partly because they have outperformed their peer group but more importantly because I am very proud of what they and we have accomplished together. I certainly am not taking any credit away from the coaches that work with these athletes, but performance testing pre- and post-RPP lets us know that we play a big part in preparing them for the road ahead.

There could be many more names that deserve to be in this blog so if you don’t see your name in this round, please don’t send me anthrax in the mail just yet, I’ll get to you eventually.

Matt Willows (UNH Hockey)

Last week I was watching University of New Hampshire’s Hockey Captain Matt Willows play on television and I thought back on working with him all last summer and how great it was to watch all his hard work paying off.  Based on Matt’s consistency with coming in and training daily at RPP it was no surprise to see the improvement in his performance.  During the summer, Matt put on 10 lbs. of muscle and when he left for UNH, he was clearly bigger, faster and stronger than when he showed up.

I then began to reflect (I tend to do that from time to time) on how great it was to see all my hard work paying off and thought, Man, I love my job!  And watching the fluidity of his movement in the YouTube clip below explained it all:

(Matt Willows Shorthanded Goal)

Matt is having a great year thus far at UNH, having scored 17 goals with 12 assists.

Watching these young men and women develop, as not only athletes going to the next level, but as young adults is another rewarding quality of this job. 

Kevin Hill (Suffern Hockey)

I then thought of Kevin Hill, who has been with us for the past 3 years. The development in Kevin’s body and game has been great to watch but expected, considering the commitment he made to getting to RPP year-round both in-season and off-season. He’s now on his way to Wesleyan University to play hockey there next year. Man, I love my job!!

Man I love My Job - 3

Lohud Hockey Player of the Year, Kevin Hill Suffern: The senior forward passed the 100-point milestone, getting four goals and three assists in two periods during a 9-2 win over rival Mamaroneck

Sam Uline (Suffern Volleyball)

Then there’s Sam Uline.  Sam has been training with us for a little over a year now and like Kevin, was named “Rockland Athlete of the year” as well as receiving highest Honorable Mention for All-Americans this year. Sam came in 2x per week in-season and is here currently 4x per week getting ready for the fall where she will be playing Division 1 Volleyball at University of New Orleans.  Man, I love my job!

Man I love My Job - 4

Suffern’s Samantha Uline bumps the ball as Suffern beat Clarkstown South.  Uline is the Journal News/Lohud Rockland volleyball player of the year.

By the same token, helping a young athlete simply “make the team” or more importantly develop more confidence is equally as rewarding an experience.


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See you in the gym.