Member Spotlight: Amanda Arlauskas

Amanda has been on the road for the past year, speaking to young adults about adopting a healthy lifestyle. Yet being away from home for an extended time presents challenges when it comes to supporting a healthy routine. Though her hotel workouts were ok for maintenance, a more intense program was needed to reach her goals.

As with all of RPP’s new training members, Amanda received a full fitness assessment and scored good marks for posture and overall physiological balance. RPP designed a 3x per week program for her which includes resistance training in a circuit format, keeping a close eye on her pulse and maintaining it in the optimum range required for fat loss. The workouts finish with 10 minutes of metabolic training to keep her metabolism “stoked” for a longer period of time after the workout. This type of training can be a bit grueling, but Amanda has a very strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Her first session resulted in a whopping 1262 calories in 58 minutes!

We’ll be checking back on her progress in a few ….