Northern Highland’s Zack Dreznin… Taking the Necessary Steps

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, CSCS, NASM, PES, FMS)

Zach Dreznin -Top

I’ve found that there is a direct correlation between an athlete’s dedication in the weight room and their performance on the field. You can see it in their determination to get in their last rep, pushing past fatigue during energy system work and most importantly by showing up consistently with a great attitude and being accountable for themselves in the weight room. It’s called taking the necessary steps to improve your game.

Enter Zack Dreznin. The 6’4″, 210 lbs. RHP has had a great season this year for Northern Highland’s topping it all off by winning the State Sectional Championship against Ramapo.

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Let me start by saying nobody deserves it more. You see, when January comes around, many young pitchers stop strength training because they start with pitching lessons and bullpens. “There’s just not enough time” is the common statement we hear. So strength training becomes the low man on the totem pole. Big mistake. Many times these players generally end up injured midway through the season or suffer lackluster outings. They simply aren’t strong enough to maintain that type of intensity.

Not Zack.  We saw him three times per week in the off-season (which also included 2 bullpens/week in January-February in the Pitching Lab).  He even showed up 3 hours before his high school games to get some soft tissue work done and run through mobility drills.

Zack started this off-season at RPP weighing in at 193 lbs. He explained to me that besides putting on 10 lbs. of muscle this past off-season, he would like to work on his endurance, enabling him to maintain his velocity further into the game. Up until this season he said he had been “gassing out” in the second or third inning. I told him that would require coming in an extra day on the weekend to do some alactic energy system work (click here for more on this topic). No problem, Zack took the necessary steps to get better.

Not only did he gain approximately 17 lbs. in the off-season, most of his games this spring have been Complete Games where he maintained his velocity (which also went up 3-4 mph to 91) and command throughout. Here are some stats from the righty’s 2016 spring season:

  • Record 5-1
  • IP – 42
  • S/O – 46
  • ERA – 0.83

Juggling school work, games, workouts and all the other things that go with being a teenager takes a special kind of determination.  Zack’s got it. Everyone here at RPP sees it and so did Notre Dame University where Zack has committed to play ball in 2018.

So congratulations Zack, I speak for everyone here at RPP when I say that you’ve earned it. Looking forward to continuing to work with you this off-season.

See ya’ in the gym.