Parents and Coaches Testimonials

“The Pitching Lab is nothing short of the complete program that high school level pitchers need today to be prepared for what’s ahead.  Nunzio Signore (RPP) and Jim Wladyka (Wladyka Baseball) are the perfect combination to make this happen.  I can’t wait to see the talent that is going to be coming out of that facility.”

– Corey Muscara (St. John’s University Pitching Coach)

“I know that many, if not most, of the pitchers that train with us [at Wladyka Baseball] during the off-season take part in some sort of strength and conditioning program. In the same manner that players and parents research pitching and hitting instructors, the same effort should be undertaken to research strength training. Wladyka baseball has spent the time and energy to find the best strength and conditioning program for its clients. The culmination of these efforts has resulted in a partnership with RPP.”

– Jim Wladyka (Wladyka Baseball)

“Nunzio, I wanted to thank you guys for the great job you guys have done developing our daughter Sam during the past year.  The growth in her abilities are highly correlated to the time she spends at RPP.  She always had a problem with running the bases.  But since she started training with you guys her speed has gone up significantly.  The coaches have also noticed and have been moving her up the line-up due to her increase speed.  Her pitching velocity has also gone way up and for the first time in years she played all season without an injury and pain free.  Thanks a lot for all you guys have done.”

– Meredith Kaner (Sam Kaner’s mother, Akadema Elite Softball)

“I wanted to let you know what a difference your training has made with Dominic Iemma. I have noticed a huge difference in his speed, strength and flexibility this year. I will promote your program to my players.”

– Chris Michie (Suffern Assistant Baseball Coach)

“Nunzio, Doug and Andrew, Dave and I wanted to thank you for working with Jesse over this past year. All the hard work has paid off. Everyone on the Union team is talking about what great condition he is in. He’s been lapping people in the workouts, his 60 time has improved and he’s hitting the ball harder than he ever has in his life. RPP was an integral part in achieving his goal of playing college baseball.”

– Lisa Galina (Jesse Galina’s Mother, Union Baseball)

“After two ACL surgeries I needed to find a facility for my son to get stronger following his rehab. I was referred to RPP by several parents who had kids that were currently training there. After an extremely thorough (and informative) assessment, they developed a program to get him stronger while at the same time addressing the issues with his knee. At Mike’s last doctor checkup, the orthopedist commented that he had never seen an athlete recover this quickly from ACL surgery. I can’t say enough about the quality of the training there.”

– Robert Chiapperino (father of Michael, Tappan Zee and Time to Sign Baseball)

“RPP has made Jack a stronger athlete. We have seen a dramatic increase in his speed, strength and agility on the baseball field. Jack looks forward to every training session. Your programs and facility are bar none. Thank you to RPP for having such a positive impact on Jack.”

– Nicole & Tom Scanlon (parents of Madison and Jack Scanlon, Suffern Baseball)

“Let’s just say I’ve been around the block with regards to all things baseball training. While there are many options out there, we know you, your staff and programs at RPP to be the best. The staff is highly qualified, attentive and they take a personal interest in each and every athlete. The sessions are; well supervised, proper lifting techniques observed, and run at a consistent pace…no standing around. As you know, I have recommended many young athletes to begin training at RPP. Feedback from athletes and parents is “always” positive. While the classes and individual sessions are tough, the boys enjoy the challenge as they see quick results and improvements in; strength, explosiveness and healthy weight gains. They understand this puts them in the best position to perform at the highest level. As a parent, its great knowing I can leave the boys in the hands of the RPP staff and that they’ll get proper, safe and effective training to help them meet their goals….all at an affordable cost I might add. For that I’m grateful.”

– Chris Iametti (father of Rob and CJ Iametti, Don Bosco Prep and Wladyka Baseball)

“After training at RPP for 1 month, my son John’s ability to move in all directions and his speed and agility were noticeably improved. The program they structured for him was all inclusive to the needs of a young athlete. The best part of it all is John has a blast every time he works out there.”

– Michelle Pesanella (mother of John Pesanella, Bergen Catholic Baseball)

“Since Gabby started working out at RPP, the improvements in her overall performance on the field have been drastic. Not only has she increased her ball speed by 4 m.p.h., her speed to first base has improved incredibly allowing her to beat out ground balls that would have previously been outs. The improvement in her overall power can be heard in the sound of the ball coming off the bat. It’s one of the best things we could have done for her performance. Thanks RPP!”

– Carol Caccamo (Mother of Gabby, Pitcher for Suffern HS and Hurricane’s Softball)