Pitching Rx

How many times have you heard your pitching coach say “stay in line”, “your head is flying off”, “your arm action is late”, “your front hip is closed”, “you need to work on your front hip lead”, or “you have a shoulder tilt” and on, and on and on….  And you really have no idea how to address those topics. What they really mean is you need to learn to move better. The problem is many pitchers are not aware of the full range of motion needed to produce a more dynamic, explosive, and efficient delivery.

A better delivery starts with better movements.  And now we can help you address them in a well thought out and structured program we call “Pitching Rx”.

Who is it for?  It is for any and all pitchers that want to improve their game by developing that dynamic, explosive and efficient delivery. It is for the dedicated pitchers that are willing to put in the time and hard work to overcome the challenges of their craft. It is for those that have the drive and passion to do what it takes and are willing to listen, learn and put words into action.  Ask yourself, do any of the following resonate with you:

  • You don’t know how to effectively use your lower body
  • You have difficulty staying in the driveline
  • You throw hard but you struggle with command and control
  • You’re inconsistent from inning-to-inning, day-to-day and week-to-week
  • You have mechanical issues that don’t seem to improve
  • You experience arm pain and don’t know why
  • You can’t seem to be able to increase your velocity no matter what
  • You have great control but you want to throw harder

The reality is that pitching is a complicated endeavor that needs the mind and the body to work in sync.  In order to throw a baseball at maximum velocity, a pitcher must get his delivery to unfold into the right positions at the right time. Every time an athlete performs a movement with a compensation, it creates a deeper groove towards future movement pattern deterioration. This presents itself by causing energy leaks throughout the delivery creating a myriad of issues including low velocity, as well as injury at the elbow, shoulder and/or hip.

What do we do?  Pitching mechanics are about repeating identical motions over and over. Often times after having pitched a certain way for a long period, bad habits become ingrained, making it very difficult to make permanent, yet necessary adjustments. To do so, you need to first identify the mechanical disconnects through a detailed video analysis, then re-pattern the delivery through an intensive corrective throwing program.

4 Camera Video System: Utilizing our simultaneous high speed 4-camera system, we will review your pitching mechanics frame-by-frame. Our high speed video was assembled for exactly this purpose.  The system we use in our Pitching Lab is a 120 fps simultaneous video shoot from four different sides – left, right, front and overhead.  You will be able to observe your complete mechanics for yourself.  The following is an example of 4 simultaneous videos:

Video Review and analysis: We will then breakdown your delivery step-by-step, documenting any mechanical disconnects we see helping you to understand why you may be struggling with velocity and command and how you can improve it.  Since pitching is a series of kinetic sequences, often mechanical flaws showing up in one place are caused by issues elsewhere in the chain. We believe if we can see it, we will have a much better chance of addressing it.


For additional information on how we use video in our analysis please click here.

Re-Patterning (Throwing Correctives):  The finest assessment tools are useless if you don’t know what to do with the results. Immediately following your Video Review and Analysis you will be provided with a personalized road-map to correct the movement patterns specific to you and your delivery. This plan includes a 3-4 week set of throwing correctives complete with instructional video which you must follow with great diligence every single day. You will be taken through your program on day 1 here at RPP and then finish the 3-4 week program on your own. These can be done at home through the use of a “throwing sock” which allows you to through indoors in very limited space. To affect change you need commitment and dedication.  If you adhere to your road-map you will ingrain new pathways to improve your mechanics and velocity safely.

 As part of Pitching Rx, we will review many topics including:

  • Lower body engagement
  • Arm action
  • Lead leg action
  • Postural alignment
  • Deceleration
  • Athleticism (intent)

Here is an example of a before and after the 3-4 week program:



This protocol, combined with a year round strength program (which includes mobility work), is the only way to assure that you can achieve efficient movements, better mechanics and increased velocity in a safe way.