Personal Program Design

Photo 1Our Personal Program Design is 100% designed around YOU and is intended for high performance athletes with specialized training needs or simply those looking to take their game to a substantially higher level.

The Program begins with a top to bottom movement assessment (click here for more on this topic, pitchers click here).  During this assessment, we will gather the information necessary, including injury history, training experience, sport of choice, specific goals, physical mobility and other related information.   At the conclusion, we will prepare a specialized and comprehensive training program for YOU based on your strengths and imbalances, the needs of your specific sport and if you’re in-season or off-season.

Matt Willows ImageThis program is intended for high performance athletes looking for a completely personalized program and who are ready to train on their own.

For Those That Live Near RPP

In order to participate in this program you must first be designated as “Eligible”.   This designation means that you are experienced enough in the weight room to be able to follow your own specialized program with limited assistance and oversight.  RPP trainers and staff will always be on hand to answer any questions and keep a close eye but athletes can come and train and go as they wish.  This program generally provides athletes with a significant amount of flexibility.

For Those That Live Too Far

For those that simply live too far, we can arrange for a weekend visit where we can complete and review your assessment and go over the details of potential programming that best fit your needs.  When your programming is ready, we will coach you through the materials and provide you with sample videos that you can follow and complete at a gym near you.

Program Highlights

Here is what you get from a specialized program from RPP:

  • A personalized training program based on your strengths, imbalances, goals, sport, injury history and where you are in your season (in-season or off-season).
  • Constant communication with your trainer at RPP or via e-mail.
  • Rehab programs if you are recovering from knee, shoulder, back or other injuries.
  • The program is designed to be used for a certain number of weeks. If you wish to continue beyond each program, you can purchase a new one. The new program will be based on the results and experience with your prior program.  Depending on whether you train at RPP or at a gym near you, the programming could be 4 to 6 weeks in length.
  • Less expensive.

Note: Eligibility for this program is at the discretion of RPP.  However, generally you need to be at least 15-16 years old and have had training experience of at least one year in the gym to qualify for this program.

Please feel free to call us at (845) 712-5415 for pricing and any additional inquiries.

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