Putting More Slap in Your Shot… Cable Ext Rotation @ 90 degrees

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

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Much Like the cocking phase for a pitcher, the wind-up in a slap shot is where the power starts. Both these movements rely heavily on “external rotation”.  This is where the scapula upwardly rotates to allow the arm (humerus) to elevate freely without impinging. There are many things that will help with upward rotation (strengthening the scap stabilizers, core, etc.) but for today we’re going to show you a great exercise for the Posterior Cuff.  Strengthening the cuff will not only help with the upward rotation mentioned above, but will help to decelerate the arm during and after the shot as well. Decelleration is key to avoid “banging” that can occur when the arm is lowered and following through, leading to soreness and possible injury.

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One of the tools in our tool box here at RPP to strengthen the cuff are cable external rotations at 90 degrees. Remember to:

  • Keep the arm still
  • Use the non-working arm to monitor for anterior glide (popping out in the front), and
  • Keep a nice tight core.

Or, let #rppathlete Matt Willows (UNH) show you how.

(Cable External Rotations at 90 Degrees)

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