RPP Athletes Testimonials

“I have been training at RPP for approximately four years , since I was a freshmen in high school. I originally came to RPP because I was experiencing a lot of arm problems from throwing. After training at RPP my upper and lower body power increased considerably and I can now go much deeper into  games without any arm problems.  During the past off-season with the help of RPP’s training and nutrition plan I put on 15 lbs. of muscle.

I recently finished my senior year baseball season at North Rockland High school.  I threw for 49 innings with 68 K’s and gave up only 16 Hits with 3 Earned Runs.  My ERA was 0.55.”

– Danny Wirchansky (Left Handed Pitcher, North Rockland High School)

“I have been coming to RPP ever since I was a sophomore in high school. The training that I have received at RPP over the years is bar none. Nunzio personally assembled my program design and has continued to be involved with my development even to this day.

RPP is like a family environment and I go back to train there every time I come home for the summer or the holidays. It is a big part of the reason I am a D1 baseball player today at Iona College.”

– Alex Fishberg (Pitcher, Iona College Baseball)

“I started training at RPP earlier this summer after hearing about the place from another hockey player  at UNH.  It’s great training with coaches who understand hockey and what hockey players need over a long season.  After a thorough assessment, Nunzio put together a personalized program for me based on my strengths and weaknesses.  The program gets updated every 4 weeks. Since the beginning of the summer I have put on 10 lbs. of muscle.  I can’t wait to get back on the ice and test out this new engine.”

– Matt Willows (Captain, UNH Hockey)

“I started the summer off looking for a place to work out that was going to help me reach my goals for the off-season. I’m a hockey player and I needed to get bigger, stronger, and faster. I spent about 3 months working out at RPP, approximately three times a week. No matter what time of the day it was, I always walked into the gym to be greeted by a group of positive instructors. Not only are the enthusiastic toward their job, they are the most knowledgeable trainers I’ve ever worked with. If you have a question, they have the answer. They know nutrition, supplements, proper workout techniques, and most of all they know what it takes to succeed.

On the ice, I could actually feel my legs stronger and more explosive. Many coaches noticed my improvement in speed throughout the summer. The best part about working out at Rockland Peak Performance was that I had fun while working the hardest I’ve ever worked. Highlights to my experience at RPP:

– Gained 17 pounds of muscle
– Went down 2.5% in body fat
– Noticeably faster and more explosive on the ice
– Got on the right supplements
– Built confidence in the weight room and on the ice

I walked into RPP looking to improve off the ice in order to get to the next level on the ice. Muscle started to tack on quickly through RPP’s intense training programs as well as staff’s nutritional guidance. I was able to gain speed and size on the ice which has helped me dramatically here at UNH. Most importantly, I built confidence off the ice that I carried with me everywhere. I am also proud to say that RPP helped me receive a Division 1 ice hockey scholarship to the University of New Hampshire. Special thanks to Doug and Rockland Peak Performance!!”

– Collin MacDonald (Forward, University Of New Hampshire Ice Hockey)

“I initially had a problem with my speed and strength and I knew that although I could get away with how well I played at the high school level, I needed to improve in order to compete at the college level. I never expected a work out as successful as the ones I experienced at RPP. Training at RPP was something that I looked forward to because I knew I was going to walk away knowing that I am one step closer to getting to where I want to be. My speed and strength dramatically improved. Your workouts have done wonders for my lacrosse playing, resulting in numerous MVP awards, state recognition and now I will be playing lacrosse at Muhlenberg College.”

– Alexa Oberle (Attack, Muhlenberg College Lacrosse)

“My experience working out at RPP was enlightening. I never would have thought I could endure the training I was subject to ever before in my life. Clearly I was wrong. I enjoyed every hour working out, not just because of the fun and motivational staff members, but also because I was pushing myself to perform better and better each and every time, and I now know that I am strong enough to handle a rigorous workout regimen.”

– Fallon Moran (Crew, Penn State University)