15% Off Referral Program

Microsoft PowerPoint - Referral SignDuring the past few years our business has grown in many ways but none are more important to me as growing through the “word of mouth”.  It speaks volumes about what our clients think of us and what we offer on a daily basis.

So with that said, I would like to officially announce the “RPP Referral Program”.  Going forward, any time you refer a New Client (anyone who hasn’t trained at RPP in over 18 months and is not immediate family) that purchases a new “package” (please refer to policies for exceptions) we would like to express our thanks with a 15% discount off your own next purchase (please refer to “Referral Program Policies and Q&A” available at the front desk or on our website with any questions).

All the Best,

Nunzio Signore


Please click here for a print version of the Q&A

Referral Program Policies and Q&A

Amount of Discount:

  • 15% per New Client


  • A New Customer may not serve as a referral for another New Customer at the same time.  You would need to have been a pre-existing customer (at least 2 months) to qualify for a referral discount.
  • The discount does NOT apply when a New Client participates in a Trial session or purchases any Single Sessions and/or a Metabolic (bootcamp) packages.
  • This program does not apply to Teams and/or Groups.
  • This program does not apply to any programs offered by the Pitching Lab including the Pitching Lab Protocol, Pitching Lessons among others.

New Client Means:

  • Anyone who hasn’t made a purchase at RPP for over 18 months, and
  • Is not an immediate family member.

Does the New Client actually have to make a purchase?

  • Yes, the New Client has to actually purchase a new “package”.

 What if I refer more than one client?

  • You would receive 15% off your next purchase for each client you refer to RPP. If you refer 2 New Clients and both purchase packages (exceptions listed above apply), then you can receive 30% off your next purchase.

What if I referred clients in the past, can I get credit for those?

  • Although we truly appreciate all prior referrals, with apologies we can’t go backwards.

How long is the discount valid?

  • The discount is available only for your next purchase.

Can I transfer the discount to anyone?

  • The discount is transferable only to an immediate family member.

Is this discount incremental to a Family discount that I am already entitled to?

  • Yes

Can I apply the 15% discount to any purchase?

  • Yes

Can I apply part of the discount now and part of it later?

  • No, the discount is available in one-time total-only; we can’t keep track of portions of discounts. The discount must be used at one time in total.

This Program is Subject to Change from Time to Time at the Discretion of RPP