The Time Is Now

I sometimes kid one of my 26 year old trainers at RPP telling him “at 25 the body starts to die.

Most people don’t begin to “feel it” until about age 50. At this point it’s harder to muster up the nerve to start an exercise program even though everyone knows the best time to start is “yesterday.” Don’t wait until you are 60 to try and undue 30 years of damage.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m fifty, feel great, and work out with my trainers (most of whom are in their mid-twenties) on a daily basis. The reason that’s impressive is because of my “age,” but trust me, I’m feeling it a lot more than they are.  The sets/reps/and rest are the same, but my work volume is lower (.i.e. I’m in good shape…for my age).

Even though the body declines, that doesn’t mean I should take a “what’s the use” attitude. On the contrary, most of the damage done by age 35 (from sports, in-activity, work and other “recreational” activities) can be reversed with an intensive exercise program. Not only that, most of the people over 40 that train with us at RPP tell us they feel that they’re “in the best shape of their life”.

In an attempt to improve the length and quality of their lives, the baby boomers are driving today’s fitness business.

Joint pain, some forms of arthritis, and obesity are reversible to some degree by exercising.  It’s clearly the most powerful drug on the planet…period.

Working out 45 min., 1 hour/a day, 3x’s /week is more than enough frequency to begin looking and feeling better. More importantly, it can help keep you off prescription meds such as beta blockers and Lipitor, which in itself can put you even deeper in a hole. Not all the damage is reversible, but if it is, we should do it with exercise instead of drugs.

Don’t treat your body like an old car. You can always get a new car, you can’t get a new body.