The Weight Room – Not Just “Where the Boys Are” Anymore (Softball Tip #5)

By Nunzio Signore (B.A. CPT, NASM, FMS, PES)

Blog 5 -1In today’s post we are covering strength and conditioning tip #5 for softball players. In case you missed #4 please click here.

Back in the day as recent as 25 years ago you didn’t see girls participating in overhead and throwing sports as much as boys did. Thus, the growth plates were not formed to accommodate such a movement. This is where the term “throw like a girl” came about. Well, fortunately that’s all changed. Girls participate in sports just as much as boys do from an early age and require the same strength demands (and even more for ACL prevention) as they’re athletic counterparts. Today we’re discussing the glutes, hamstring and hip otherwise known as the posterior chain.

Hip Hinge: Learning how to hip hinge is key to set the back hip into a powerful position whether you’re beginning your descent towards the mound or loading up to swing at the plate. When first learning the proper way to hip hinge, using a dowel to help create postural awareness can help prevent flexion of the spine.

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Posterior Chain Power and Activation: Learning how to activate and strengthen the glutes and hamstrings can go a long way in helping to avoid ACL injuries and help stabilize the hips (important not only for pitchers, but also good for separation while batting), and increased power output when running the bases. Gabby Caccamo with Akadema Elite demonstrates how with a Barbell Hip Bridge below:

Unilateral Training: Most athletic movements are performed one leg at a time so incorporating unilateral training is a must.  Suffern’s Bailey Parrott demonstrates.

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Anyone who understands movement can tell you a majority of your power comes from the lower half. Incorporating it into a strength and conditioning program is imperative if you want to be the best that you can be. Below is a recent Twitter post by East Carolina University. The caption read “The learning process begins. #ECUSoftball”.

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I think the picture and the caption say it all.  The off-season is here, time to get strong.  Please be sure to visit our Elite Softball page by clicking here.