Youth Personal Training (1-3 athletes)

Jack ScanlonOur Youth Personal Training sessions are geared for athletes ages 13+.  These sessions are a perfect option for young athletes who desire a smaller setting (1-3 people) for their training and coaching.  These are not one-on-one training sessions although often times they can be depending on scheduling. It’s ideal for the young individual who is motivated by training with others, yet still prefers a smaller setting.  Youth Personal training is also great for the first timer who wants to eventually transition into a group, but is unfamiliar with the setting of a strength and conditioning facility.

Following a thorough assessment and movement screen (please click here for more on this topic), workouts are specifically designed to an individual’s needs.  As the young athlete develops, our programming progresses along with him or her to continually teach the body new movements. This is further complemented by adjusting our training programs from in-season to off-season depending on the time of year and the athlete’s specific sport.  Our unique program design includes instruction in correct breathing, mobility, movement, linear & lateral speed techniques and functional strength training.

As competition at the high school level continues to reach higher and higher levels, many scouts and coaches are beginning to notice the difference between those that strength train and those that don’t. It goes without saying that students that take part in a structured strength and conditioning program are setting themselves apart from the rest of their peers. Young athletes that train at RPP become faster, stronger and more agile. Many of our #rppathletes are playing at the highest level of their sport and setting the standard on their respective teams.  The following is a summary of the program:

Madison-Scanlon-Dead-LiftThe Workout:

Athletes start with myofascial techniques (foam rolling) and a thorough dynamic warm up to get them ready for movement. The workout then transitions to explosive power & plyometric and agility training through medicine ball drills as well as jumping and landing techniques. This is followed by strength training where the emphasis is on upper body, lower body and core. Sport-specific conditioning drills round out the 60 minute program to maximize endurance. The workouts become progressively harder only when basic techniques have been mastered.


Program Highlights: 

  • Flexibility – Foam rolling, active and dynamic stretching
  • Speed and Agility – Acceleration, deceleration, linear and lateral, running mechanics
  • Explosive Power – Medicine ball techniques, plyometrics and first step quickness
  • Strength – Supervised functional training sessions, focusing on upper body, lower body and core
  • Conditioning – Getting athletes ready for game time
  • Injury Reduction – Coaching correct movement to help reduce the risk of injury
  • Nutrition – Athletes receive a nutrition plan to suit their individual needs