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Deadlift for CollegeOur world-class programming is 100% designed around the pitcher and is highly specialized and customized for each pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses.  It is a complete top to bottom protocol with a focus on further developing movement (mobility) and functional strength to help improve overall pitching mechanics and performance on the mound.  A big part of what we do here at RPP is setting up our pitchers for success. The reality is that every pitcher is different in every way and each needs a different approach to developing their strength and power.  Our programming takes pitchers out of their comfort zone and trains them in all three planes of motion, saggital, frontal and transverse.  100% of our programming reflects the rotational yet linear aspect of the sport and it’s 100% designed for pitchers.

Everyone needs strength, speed and mobility and a well-designed program should deliver on all three. Training the right systems at the right time is crucial to making sure you are “peaking” and your body is ready when it comes time to start your season. It also keeps the task at hand from week to week more focused when using a well thought out game plan.  Strength is a huge foundation for producing power so the general idea is to make an athlete as strong as possible in the beginning of the off-season and then use this newly acquired strength to increase speed (power) as we get closer to the start of the season.  The following chart illustrates the progression of our training  programs along the strength-speed continuum:

Stregnth Speed Cont. Image

Pitchers Assessment – The program begins with a complete pitcher-specific assessment which represents an extensive anatomical evaluation of the pitcher’s overall physicality and mobility.  Physical limitations and imbalances, from a strength and mobility standpoint or otherwise, can have profound effects on a pitcher’s arm health as well as their ability to perform at their max potential.  The assessment covers the following:

    • Anthropometrics
    • Mobility / Stability
    • Strength and Power Testing
    • Power/ Force Production Testing


The results of this assessment are reviewed and evaluated and incorporated in programming to help every pitcher correct faulty movement patterns, improve mobility, increase overall strength and help take their performance to the next level.  Physical imbalances in pitchers that are not addressed are also likely to continue to reinforce poor mechanics on the mound which could ultimately result in energy leaks, lower velocity and possibly worse with an injury during the long season.

Strength and Mobility Training – Putting these principles on top of a great strength training program is the cornerstone of our college and pro-level program for pitchers.  Here is what you get from a specialized program from RPP:

    • Improving tissue quality and thoracic spine mobility (a must for good separation in the pitching delivery)
    • Proper warm-up based on the athlete (is he “tight” or “loose” (laxity))
    • Helping get back lost internal rotation in both the shoulder and lead leg (common results of a long season)
    • Coaching proper activation and timing (neuromuscular control) to ensure optimum “firing” of the rotator cuff
    • Improved Gleno humeral upward rotation by strengthening the low traps and serratus, scapular stabilizers
    • Improved relationship between the hips, core and arm (in all 3 planes)
    • Improved T-spine mobility (rotation /extension)
    • Improved ground reaction forces
    • Energy system work (alactic training)
    • Functional overall strength training


Below is a summary of Program Highlights:

    • Improving Soft Tissue Quality (foam rolling) – Many pitchers have laxity. Improving soft tissue quality helps to reduce trigger points without over stretching the muscle or compromising the athlete’s stability (click here for more info)
    • Warm-up – Mobility circuits and activations drills, patterning good scapular movement as well as getting the athlete ready to move (click here for more info)
    • Enhanced Rotator Cuff Strength, proprioception and rate of force of development (how quickly it fires) (click here for more info)
    • Med Ball/Plyometric Training – Helps improve rotary power, upper and lower body separation and timing and improving eccentric/concentric force production
    • Strength training – Getting the athlete stronger and more explosive in the weight room (click here for more info)
    • Conditioning – Energy system work to help increase explosiveness, and endurance specific to pitchers (click here for more info)
    • Nutrition – Each athlete receives a nutrition plan to suit their individual needs (click here for more info)


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