Remote Training Program

Welcome to Remote Training at RPP!

Note: If you’ve already been recently assessed by us please click here to register for a remote online account.  Your remote programs will reside within your online account for access.

Our remote program is designed to bring our advanced level of training to those who can’t train with us at the facility.  It is geared towards high performance athletes in high school, college and professional levels and has everything you need to take advantage of our expert coaching and programming from anywhere.

The program covers 4-week periods with a training frequency of either 3x or 5x per week with each day addressing different components of your training and development. The programs are designed based off of the time of the year (in-season, off-season).  You can generally expect the workouts to last approximately 60-90 Minutes.  You will need the following available equipment: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.  However, we can modify programs to accommodate a more limited equipment range.


As a participant here’s what you can expect…

    • Initial movement assessment
    • Customized training program based on your strengths and weaknesses
    • A training program that progresses each month and can be scaled for all levels
    • Mobile friendly programs that can be viewed on your phone
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  • An online video library with sample videos for every single exercise on your programs

    • Access and interaction with an RPP Coach to answer questions and make sure you are achieving your goal
    • Nutrition guideline

In addition, for those interested in Velocity Based Training (VBT), wherever appropriate we have references to VBT bar speeds within the programming. VBT is the future in-regard to enabling athletes to target very specific training zones utilizing bar speeds via a linear transducer.  Many of our athletes use our devices in the facility with great success on an on-going basis. If you’re interested to learn more, please let us know.


Note: In order to be able to participate in our Remote Program you would need to be pre-approved and eligible:

    • Be at least 16 years old to participate (remote Training is for older athletes, graduating seniors, college and pro-level athletes)
    • Have significant prior weight room experience
    • Exhibit proper “movement” during your assessment to safely perform the programming
    • Reside at least 60 miles away from our facility

If you are interested in getting started please fill the brief form below.  After you submit the information below, within a couple of hours you will receive confirmation of your submission via email with instructions on next steps.  Next steps includes a questionnaire and request for brief videos which we will need to perform your remote assessment. 

For pitchers, to the extent you’re interested in a “Throwing program” please specify your interest in the email questionnaire you will receive after completion of the information below.  Throwing Programs are always designed to accommodate any concurrent load, in-season or off-season.

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