Zoom #4 – Seminar on College Recruiting

We recently held a College Recruiting Seminar over Zoom with several of the best programs in the country to discuss the current state of recruiting and much more.  Topics included (a detailed list is provided further down):

    • COVID-19 Recruiting Environment
    • Getting Noticed
    • Academic Requirements
    • New Tech Metrics
    • Miscellaneous Other Topics

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COVID-19 Related Topics

    • Are college coaches watching much of the livestream access from tournaments? Will coaches make offers to players after seeing them on livestream?
    • Will you recruit anyone you haven’t seen in person? Are players getting recruited based on videos and numbers only?
    • What’s the best way to get noticed by coaches during the current environment and dead period?
    • Concerning the shut-down of 2020 baseball, and the associated extension of eligibility, how will scholarship availability for 2021 and 2022 High School graduates be impacted?
    • What’s the best way to get on a coach’s radar in this environment?
    • What do you want to see in a video now (COVID) vs. before?
    • General advice for this recruiting environment?
    • If many of the 2020 graduates are going to stick around due to Corona, does that mean there are fewer slots available next summer?

General Questions

    • When is it too early to contact a coach if we are interested in your school? Eighth grade? ninth grade? Or later?
    • Recognize every school is different, but what are the basic standards you are looking for in pitchers and players in terms of velocity or other metrics?
    • What types of qualities do you look for in your pitching and player recruits?  Can you rank them?
    • How far away from your school do you recruit? Is distance a recruiting barrier?
    • It is my understanding that most if not all colleges have a lower academic bar for admittance for athletes? Is this correct? How does one find out what those figures are?
    • What is the best way to determine which colleges still have openings for class of 2021 grads and what is the best way to get exposure to these coaches?
    • How does one actually “walk on”?
    • Do I have to attend a college camp to get recruited?
    • What are the main academic requirements for a school like Columbia that you have to meet before even being looked at for baseball?