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Pre-Game Band Warm-ups – Make Sure You Are Doing Them Correctly

By Nunzio Signore (B.A. CPT, NASM, FMS, PES)

CC SabathiaWe often get asked about pre-game or bullpen warm-ups using bands and so often I observe many pitchers doing them incorrectly.  Working on mobility and stabilization drills before pitching can definitely help shoulders keep up with the volume.   And band work is one of the great ways to do this, especially for pitchers.   [Read more…]


Off-Season Training… Part 3 – Hip and Lower Body Care for Hockey Players A lifetime of Mobility for 20 Bucks…

By Nunzio Signore (B.A. CPT, NASM, FMS PES)


In today’s post we are covering Part 3 of Off-Season Training for Hockey Players.  In case you missed Part 2 please click here.

In Part 3 of this “off-season” training series for hockey players we are going to get into hip and lower body care.

With the hockey off-season here, we hear the same complaints from the guys coming in to start their off-season training, comments like, “my back hurts right here” or “my hip flexor feels tight”. Much of this is discomfort is stemming from the residual stress associated with playing hockey and being on skates during a long season. This stress can be simply avoided with the use of a foam roller or lacrosse ball.

What is foam rolling? [Read more…]