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After years of developing in-house systems for training pitchers and ball players, as well as sending many of our former coaches into the MLB, we are now making our services directly available to colleges and major league baseball teams on a contractual and consulting basis.  The following is a summary of our many offerings:

Strength and Conditioning – We provide one of the most advanced strength and conditioning programs for training baseball players in the country. From the initial assessment, to individualized and period-ized strength and conditioning programs, we have developed in-house systems that we feel are among the best in the field. The following is a summary of the various components that comprise our overall concept of athletic development.

    • Movement-based Assessments – Often, we can discover the “what” by looking at an athlete’s mechanics. However, the movement assessment often tells us the “why” as well.   While many coaches have an incredible eye, we cannot expect them to know the physical anatomy or bio-mechanical issues responsible for holding an athlete back from a movement standpoint. Our physical assessment program is grounded in four basic focal points of athletic development:
      • Anthropometrics
      • Mobility / Stability
      • Strength and Power Testing
      • Power/ Force Production Testing

It is one of the most comprehensive in the field and the cornerstone of what we do and is the first step in the process of un-locking avenues of improvement.

    • Force-Velocity Profiling – Every athlete produces force in different ways and at different speeds. Through the use of linear transducers and contact plates we can create Force-Velocity profiles for every pitcher and ball player. This allows us to remove most of the guess work in programming and gives us valuable information about the athlete that we can use to make more intelligent and efficient adjustments in the weight room.

For a sport with movements as quick and explosive as baseball, strength, speed and power are KING. That’s why maximizing training protocols is paramount. Finding which trait, “force or velocity”, is deficient and making it the focus of the training block is the center piece of our programming in the weight room.

    • Strength and Conditioning (VBT) – Baseball is explosive, and pitchers and ball players need to be trained that way. Utilizing Velocity-Based Training (VBT) enables us to monitor bar speed to help an athlete train in specific strength “zones” in order to create specific training adaptations applicable to where the athlete is currently as well as where he needs to be in-season. By getting external feedback on the speed of the lift, athletes can get immediate feedback on power and intent which goes hand-in-hand with great performance on the mound and the field.

Our understanding of this new technology in baseball is recognized by most to be at the highest levels. Below is a recent image from one of the many seminars we speak at on VBT and athletic development.

(Pitch-a-Palooza 2019 Presentation on VBT)

Pitching and Hitting Assessments – We provide a variety of assessments, measurement and training tools in the pitching and hitting areas, including the following:

    • Pitching: Motion Capture Technology and Pitch Design – Our thorough understanding of the currently available technology in the fields of motion and capture and pitch design puts on a short list of commercial facilities that put the data into use on a daily basis.

Motion Capture – Mocap is considered to be the gold standard of measuring athletic movement. While mocap can provide you with invaluable information on optimal movement and timing, we also view this as an investment towards a more efficient and individualized way of maximizing performance.

Pitch Design – When pitchers are moving at rapidly increasing speeds, observing and evaluating a pitcher’s ball movements with high speed data capture can be truly eye opening.

From assessing ball movement patterns to helping pitchers improve their overall profile, we can help put this technology to work.  We have published a significant amount of articles in this arena, including a comprehensive webinar titled the “Art of Pitch Design and Development“.

    • Hitting: Kinematic Sequencing and Swing Plane – Our in-house developed assessment tools have combined the physical movement assessment, K-Motion and Blast Motion data into one comprehensive platform which allows for a complete bio-mechanical evaluation of a ball player up to the point of contact.

From strength and mobility issues all the way through to swing plane, we can provide a complete assessment of a player’s strengths and weaknesses at the plate.

Our team of professionals can travel to you and provide each athlete with a comprehensive assessment of their movement strategies, both inside the weight room as well as on the mound and behind the plate. At the conclusion of every assessment, we can also provide training programs on a remote basis. These programs include strength training, mobility work and individualized mechanical drills for both pitchers and players

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You can reach us at any time at 201-308-3363 or email us at rpp@RocklandPeakPerformance.com with a brief outline of your interest in the scope of services.