Remote Training – Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Training FAQ

Welcome to Remote Training with RPP Baseball…

RPP Baseball is a high performance baseball training facility located in Paramus, New Jersey.  We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that combines extensive strength training knowledge with a cutting-edge scientific approach to developing our pitchers and ball players.  In case you would like to learn more please click here.  Below is a brief testimonial from Wake Forest Pitching Coach Corey Muscara…

“I originally met Nunzio and heard about RPP Baseball through New York Yankees Pitching Coach Matt Blake. Over the years, I have recommended many prospects that live near RPP to train there. RPP continually develops some of the best up-and-coming talent in high school baseball. Their programming is always at the leading edge of what’s going on in player development, and their results speak for themselves.  Few facilities come close to their standing in the industry.”

Here’s another one from NY Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman whose son trained with us on a remote basis for many years…

“I have been following RPP’s progress for quite some time. They have done an excellent job blending athleticism with technology to create a state-of-the-art baseball training facility. ‬‪They are one of a handful of cutting-edge facilities in the business. I highly recommend them for ball players of any age.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does remote training work?

Remote training is relatively straight forward.

You have a dedicated coach that is responsible for your development in every way, from preparing monthly programs, to reviewing proper form, reviewing your videos and even serving as a sounding board.  You can reach your coach via email, text or the RPP client portal and expect a response within 24 hours.

New programming is provided on a monthly basis and is available via the client portal on your phone.

Who should consider remote training?

There are generally several categories of athletes that should consider remote training:

    • Those who don’t have access to world-class training
    • Those who are not happy with their progress
    • Those who need specialized programs due to some sort of injury, recurring pain or surgery

Where do I access my programs?

All of your programs are placed on the RPP client portal under your own login section.  Every exercise on your program has a link to a video which can serve as an excellent reference to help perform the programs.

It’s easily set up and accessible on your phone.

What type of equipment will I need?

Although our programming can be adjusted based on the available equipment, we recommend that at a minimum you have access to the following:

Weight Room: Foam roller, bench, trap bar, barbells, dumbbells (10-50 lbs.), weight plates, med balls (preferable), medium resistance bands

Pitching: plyo balls, weighted balls, activation band, mini trampoline, light weight bands, access to a radar gun (you can purchase everything you need here at the RPP Shop, except for the radar gun)

Hitting: Blast Motion sensor (preferable)

Is the programming customized to my specific needs?

All the programming that we provide is 100% customized to your needs based on our initial physical and mechanical assessment. In addition, the programming is swapped out every 4-weeks as you make progress towards the next stage of development.

How will I know if I am performing the exercises and corrective drills correctly?

Whether it is an exercise in the weight room or a corrective drill inside the nets, form is paramount. Proper form in the weight room helps reduce the risk of injury and when it comes to performing correctives, we learn what we practice.  It is only proper form that helps re-map inefficient movement patterns.

Every exercise and every corrective in our programs has a video link that demonstrates proper form. Most videos also have cues imbedded in them. In addition, you and your coach can review recorded videos of your training through the client portal at any given time. We highly recommend this.

Are my training programs customized to my specific needs?

Yes! Your programming is 100% customized based on your initial assessment:

    • The mobility and weight room programs are based off your movement assessment information
    • The skill-based correctives (pitching and hitting) are based off your video analysis

Can I only do the throwing and hitting portions of your program (and continue with my own strength training)?

RPP’s approach to training pitchers and players is a body-centric way of thinking that places great emphasis on an athlete’s strength, power and movement qualities.

We believe this is the best way to achieve the highest level of performance. In addition, our throwing and hitting programs are 100% intertwined with our strength training programs.  What you do on any given day in our programming is coordinated both inside and outside the nets.  Consequently, we highly discourage a split program.

How long after I sign up before I can begin training?

Once we have all the necessary information and required videos to perform the assessments, the process of preparing your initial programs will take 4-5 days. Thereafter, your programming is prepared seamlessly from month to month and placed into your client portal.

Is the remote programming same as the in-house programming?

Our remote programs follow the same exact guidelines and procedures as our in-house programs. So, yes, except for the available equipment, the programs are extremely similar.

How do I determine my weights in the weight room?

If you don’t know your weights, please click here for additional information on this topic.

Is there a commitment period?

Yes, there is:

    • 3-months for collegiate summer league participants
    • 4-months for all others

What is your cancellation policy?

After the initial commitment period, our cancellation policy is 14 days prior to the end of any given 4-week cycle of training. For example, if you give us notice 13 days prior to the end of the cycle, it means you would have to pay for another 4-week cycle of training before your program ends.

What is your refund policy?

RPP Baseball does not offer refunds.  If you choose to switch your training program, you can apply any credits towards another program.

How old do I need to be for the remote program?

Our general suggestion for remote athletes is that you are at least 16 years old and physically developed to be able to participate in the strength portion of the program.

If you are 13-15 years old, we highly recommend that you work with a strength coach / trainer in conjunction with our programming. This is primarily to make sure that you learn proper form while performing all your exercises. In addition, we highly recommend that a parent continue to remain involved during communications and dialog with the coach.

How can I make this a successful experience?

Our #1 recommendation to make this a total success is “COMMUNICATION” in every way. If you are not sure about something, please let us know. If you are experiencing pain let us know. If you are doing poorly on the mound, let us know. If you are doing well on the mound, let us know. If a specific exercise does not feel right, let us know.

Communication is #1.

We are here to help you achieve your goals, the more your coach knows the better.


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