Fall Pitching Program Registration

If you want to make a big difference in your performance next spring, as in, throw harder with better command, you should start your training in the fall. The difference by spring time is quite significant.

Starting your training in the fall provides you with 2 additional months to improve your performance by next spring.  It may not sound like much, but a 50% increase from four months to six months will provide you with a substantial amount of time to improve your overall physicality.

And yes,


The program combines pitching and strength training and generally runs for 8 weeks during September and October.

    • Start Date: Tuesday, September 3rd
    • End Date: Monday, October 28th

The objectives of the fall program vary for each pitcher based on their specific needs, from improving velocity and command to working on pitching mechanics and pitch design w/ Trackman.

*** Please note there are NO makeups and NO refunds for any of our programs

*** Time slots are first come first serve,  but subject to age groupings.

Fall Program Options

    • Playing fall ball in sept – oct
      • Pitching 1x / week plus strength training
    • Not playing fall ball
      • Pitching 2x / week plus strength training
      • Pitching 1x / week plus strength training

Pitching Sessions

    • 2-on-1 instruction (semi-private)
      • Video analysis
      • Pitching mechanics
      • Plyo drills / correctives
      • Pitch design (as applicable)
      • Throwing program (if registered for pitching 2x / week and not playing fall ball)
    • 1-hour sessions

Strength Training Sessions

    • 13-16 year olds
      • With a strength coach at all times
      • 2x per week (1 hour sessions) in a group setting
      • 1 hour sessions
    • 16 and older
      • Must be pre-approved
      • Movement screen / assessment
      • Strength and power testing
      • Up to 5x per week (must be pre-approved)

Please note that as summarized above the strength portion of the program differentiates between “13-16 year olds” vs. “16 and older”.

If you are 13 – 16 and have never trained at RPP before, you should enroll in the younger group which trains 2x per week.  On the other hand, if you are 16 and older (and have prior RPP training experience) and pre-approved , you can participate in the older group.  This includes a more advanced strength training program and training is up to 5x per week.  Most 16 year olds that are new to RPP can generally get qualified for the older group once they get more experience in the weight room with us.

Playing Fall Ball – Registration

Pitching 1x / week plus strength training (3 monthly payments of $580)

Not Playing Fall Ball – Registration

Pitching 2x / week plus strength training (3 monthly payments of $800)

Pitching 1x / week plus strength training (3 monthly payments of $580)