Remote Pitching Video Analysis

As one of a handful of facilities with a synchronous 4-camera video system, we’ve been analyzing pitching video in-house for years.  Whether you’re looking for overall feedback or simply a second opinion, our remote pitching analysis is as comprehensive as it gets.

It’s a relatively straight forward process…

    • You provide us with sample videos
    • We perform a complete breakdown
    • We will send you a report with extensive details on your strengths and disconnects
    • We follow up and schedule a video call for an in-person discussion

Here is a webinar / video reviewing how we go about analyzing pitching delivery.

As outlined in the video above, our analysis involves over 50 distinct points of movement along the delivery (including video and motion capture data from our in-house system, when available).  The analysis begins at hand break and goes all the way through to release.

Sample Report

Below is a sample summary report. On the left is a list of our priority disconnects, and on the right are the major ones we identified in your delivery, listed by segment: Arm/Shoulder, Trunk Movement and Lower Half.

Sample Video Review and Video Call

The video review is a summation of what we see as your disconnects and leakages.  When the analysis is complete, we will follow up to set up a video call so that we can review the results in person.

Here is an example of a video review for illustrative purposes…

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