Fall Hitting Program Registration

Registration links are down below!

The fall high school Hitting Development Program begins on Tuesday, September 6th and ends on Monday, October 31st.  The following is a brief outline of the fall program:

    • Hitting
      • 1x / week – 1 hour sessions
      • Up to 2  athletes per session
    • Strength Training
      • 13-16 year olds: 2x per week (1 hour sessions) in a group setting
        16 and older: Monthly programming up to 5x per week (must be pre-approved)
    • There are NO makeups and NO refunds for any of our programs

I am 16, which group do I sign-up for?

Please note that as summarized above the strength portion of the program differentiates between “13-16 year olds” vs. “16 and older”.

If you are 13 – 16 and have never trained at RPP before, you should enroll in the younger group which trains 2x per week.  On the other hand, if you are 16 and older (and have prior RPP training experience) and pre-approved ,you can participate in the older group.  This includes a more advanced strength training program and training is up to 5x per week.  Most 16 year olds that are new to RPP can generally get qualified for the older group once they get more experience in the weight room with us.


Hitting 1x per week and strength training (3 payments of $479)