Remote Strength Training Program

*** Eligibility – You must be at least 15 years old and physically in good health and good condition

Welcome to RPP’s Remote Strength Throwing Program!

Similar to our in-house version, the remote strength  program is a complete protocol for our athletes whose main priority is improving their overall mobility and physicality. The program includes:

    • A fully integrated client portal on your phone with ease of use
    • Movement assessment
    • Customized Mobility and warm-up routine
    • 5x / week strength training
      • Weight room video / proper form reviews
    • Dedicated coach
    • Weekly coach check-ins and video calls
    • Unlimited emails
    • Online video for every single corrective and exercise in your program

Movement Assessment

The movement assessment is to help us identify your overall strengths and weaknesses from a movement, strength and power standpoint. It serves as a blueprint for our mobility and strength training programming., and covers a variety of topics, including…

    • Standing Static Evals (t-spine, neck, ankles, etc.)
    • Shoulder (Dynamic Movement)
    • Shoulder (Flexibility / Tightness)
    • Lower Half (Flexibility / Tightness)
    • Lower Half (Strength / Stability)
    • Reactive Lateral Jump Testing

If you’re interested in more detail on the assessment process, please click here for a complete summary of the remote evaluation.



The programming has two components:

1. Mobility Routine – The customized mobility routine is 100% prepared based on the results of your assessment.  Please note that every exercise on the program has a video link as a reference that can be accessed online.  Click here and check one out.

Sample Mobility Program

2. Strength Training – The program is 100% customized for each athlete based on the initial assessment and Similar to the mobility routine above every exercise on the program has a video link.

Sample Single Day Strength Program

Client Portal

All programming and coach interaction is performed via the RPP client portal on your phone, a simple and easy to use CRM system that allows easy sharing of files, reports, programming and videos.

It’s a simple interface where you can access your training via your phone.   It’s easy to install and easy to use and we will walk you through how to install and use it.

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