About ten years ago, when a single high school pitcher threw over 90 mph, it was a big deal.  He was likely a top round draft prospect.  In the past few years, through our holistic approach to training, we’ve successfully helped many high school athletes get there and there are many more on the way.  Our results speak for themselves:
    • Sean Hard – T95
    • Brett Antolick – T94
    • Brendan Lysik – T94
    • Alex Kranzler – T93
    • Thomas Santana – T93
    • Michael Gillen – T92
    • Aiden Dolinsky – T92
    • Chase Barley – T90
    • John Hacker – T90
    • Reno Spagnoli – T90
    • Jake Francis – T90

Corey Muscara – Pitching Coach (Wake Forest)

“I originally met Nunzio and heard about RPP Baseball through New York Yankees Pitching Coach Matt Blake. Over the years, I have recommended many prospects that live near RPP to train there. RPP continually develops some of the best up and coming talent in high school baseball. Their programming is always at the leading edge of what’s going on in player development and their results speak for themselves. Few facilities come close to their standing in the industry.”

Brian Cashman – General Manager (New York Yankees)

“I have been following RPP’s progress for quite some time. They have done an excellent job blending athleticism with technology to create a state-of-the-art baseball training facility. ‬‪They are one of a handful of cutting-edge facilities in the business. I highly recommend them for ball players of any age.”

Paul Gibson – Director of Pitching (Kansas City Royals)

“As Director of Pitching Performance for the Kansas City Royals, I get to see much, if not all, of the training and player development programs in the market. RPP’s constant pursuit of knowledge and training methods puts them at the cutting edge of player development. I highly recommend them to any athlete looking to advance their career.”

Fred Corral – Pitching Coach (Cincinnati Reds)

“It didn’t take long for me to see that Nunzio was at the forefront of training elite athletes at RPP Baseball. Every pitching coach has that inner circle of brilliant minds and having Nunzio as one of mine has helped in my development as well as that of my athletes. If you are looking to take your game or coaching to its “Peak”, you need to look into RPP. The passion for enhancing one’s craft and making athlete’s better is all over it.”

Jerry Weinstein – Coach (Colorado Rockies)

“I have been involved in player development in one form or another for 5 decades, continuing to this day with the Colorado Rockies. I have seen many training programs as well as facilities come and go. I can say without hesitation that RPP and their training programs live at the cutting edge of player development. When it comes to the long-term development of young athletes, this one is a no-brainer.”

Corey Popham – Pitching Coach (Toronto Blue Jays)

“I am not sure how many people have been on the inside to get a good look at RPP’s programming. I have and I can tell you it’s about as cutting-edge as is out there. It’s really not a surprise that they’re turning out such high caliber pitchers. Blending an understanding of the body and the craft requires an understanding of both pitching and athletic development. Their knowledge and training on both are on par with anyone in player development.”

Vic Diaz – Pitching Coach (Philadelphia Phillies)

“Nunzio and RPP Baseball are an incredible resource in the baseball community. Their knowledge and understanding of the body and the skills necessary is bar none. RPP does a phenomenal job applying the information and data they collect through evaluation and assessment process. Their systems are completely integrated within their staff in the facility. My advice to any baseball player or pitcher is if you want to maximize your skill set, go check out RPP. Whichever level you are at, they will use the resources and processes in-house to help you get better.”

Jake Francis – Joined Class 2021 (Villanova Commit)

“I first joined RPP in the fall of my junior year.  My parents and I were looking for a place where I could get stronger and throw harder under one roof.  RPP offers the most comprehensive program, from strength training to pitching and everything in between with a full assessment.

When I first joined RPP, I weighed 161 lbs. and my velo was in the low to mid-80s.  This past spring and summer, my weight was up to 180 lbs. and I was sitting 87-89 mph helping me get my commitment from DI Villanova University.  I am very sexcited that I also already touched 90 mph recently ending the fall season, before the off-season even begins!”

Reno Spagnoli – Joined Class 2022 (Seton Hall Commit)

“My son Reno began his training at RPP during the fall of his sophomore year. We were looking for a new place that could help him further develop his skills on the mound and teach him how to train and protect his arm properly. RPP provides a college / pro setting for all their athletes and the coaches at RPP, including Alex Kubera and Zach Kollar have been there every step of the way helping him develop and understand the importance of arm care.

In addition both owners Nunzio & Bahram are very active and aware of what’s happening with all the boys. They communicate concerns and made sure Reno was in the right program which actually saved me money! Don’t see that often.

Reno has made great strides this year. My son has one gear, all-in. He is learning how to manage his tempo and committing to his program. This season he was able to maintain his velo of 86 and achieved his goal of touching 90 mph while improving his overall command.

– Chena Spagnoli (parent)

Christian Charalambous – Joined 2020 (Presbyterian College Commit)

“I joined RPP during my sophomore year and I have never looked back. This past spring I learned that I had a fracture in my lower lumbar. With college recruiting on the horizon, the coaches were all-in for bringing me back when I was ready. The prior winter I had topped out at 86 mph and I was a bit nervous as to whether I could get back to where I was by this summer for recruiting purposes.

RPP assessed the issue and tailored my strength program in the early stages to focus on increasing the strength and durability of my back, gradually increasing the intensity. By the time I was ready to start the throwing portion of my program, I knew it was just a matter of time. This past summer I topped out at 89 mph and received a commitment from D1 Presbyterian College in South Carolina.  I have to say that RPP is special.  I love working with Zach and Phil and the overall atmosphere in the gym.”

Brett Antolick – Joined 2022 (Texas A&M Commit)

“I first heard about RPP from Texas A&M pitching coach, Nate Yeskie, in the summer of 2021. I took a trip up from PA to visit with them, where I was assessed physically and from a mechanics standpoint with motion capture and video analysis. I have been training remotely with RPP ever since and the results speak for themselves. While I have added 10 lbs. of lean muscle mass, my velocity is also up from 87-89 mph to 93-95 mph this past summer.”

Sean Hard – Joined 2015 (Boston College)

Sean initially joined RPP in 2015 and during the next 6 years demonstrated a commitment and consistency in training that propelled him to the front of the MLB Draft.  In 2021, during this senior year, Sean advanced his HS team at St. Joe’s  to the state championship where they won the New Jersey State Non-Public A Group Tournament.  He topped out at 95 mph at the final game of the year and was also named New Jersey Player of the Year.

“RPP has been both of my son’s second home for the better part of 5 years. From injury recovery and injury prevention to strength training and pitching, RPP has been instrumental in all of their successes on and off the field. Nunzio, Bahram, Phil and team are the best around!”

– Kevin Hard (parent)

Alex Kranzler – Joined 2019 (Vanderbilt Commit)

Alex joined RPP in 2019.  He is currently a junior at Northern Valley Old Tappan high school in New Jersey with a commitment to pitch at Missouri upon graduation. He was recently clocked at 92 mph at PG Mid Atlantic.

“My son Alex has been training and pitching at RPP since 2019, when he was a 9th grader. He’s had tremendous success as a young pitcher and last year committed to Missouri where he’ll be continuing his athletic and academic career. Alex wouldn’t be where he is today without his training at RPP.”

– Scott Kranzler (parent)

Brendan Lysik – Joined 2019 (Texas Tech)

Brendan started his collegiate career at Texas Tech this fall, a top 5 program in the US. He touched 94 his senior year in high school and finished the year as New Jersey State Champ with St. Joe’s HS.

“I began my training at RPP during my sophomore year in high school. They opened my eyes to a whole new world of training. Through years of weight training and throwing at RPP, I was able to put on 10 MPH on my fastball and receive a commitment to play at Texas Tech. There’s truly no better place to train if you’re an aspiring college baseball player!”

Brendan Lysik

Thomas Santana – Joined 2020 (Columbia University)

Thomas joined RPP the summer between his sophomore and junior years. He has pitched and strength-trained here ever since. He learned about RPP from the Columbia University pitching coach, who had told him “that’s where you should go”. Thomas committed to Columbia last November. He topped out at 92.6 mph this past winter.

“RPP was a game-changer for our son Thomas. No other workout regimen or personalized coaching produced the same level of tangible results – from strength to nutrition to mental development. RPP has helped him to compete at a higher level.”

– Margaret Santana (parent)

Chase Barley – Joined 2017 (Lafayette College)

Chase is a great example of an athlete who trained and pitched at RPP throughout his high school years all under one roof… Best way to explain his success is his consistency and commitment to our programming and his craft on a year round basis.  Chase touched 91 this past summer prior to leaving for college.

“My son Chase started training at RPP during the fall of his high school freshman year. He was a tall, skinny left handed pitcher throwing in the low 70’s and he was also recovering from an injury. All he knew was that he wanted to be a college pitcher. Three years later, after training at RPP, Chase committed to pitch at Division I Lafayette College. RPP is more than just a gym. Over time it also became his extended family. Just prior to leaving for college this summer, Chase was clocked at 91 MPH. He couldn’t have done any of this without the guys at RPP.”

– Liz Barley (parent)

Joey Spaccavento -Joined 2022 (Merrimack College)

“I began training at RPP during the summer after my junior year in high school. I was introduced to a brand new way of training for baseball that gave me the opportunity to significantly increase my mobility and strength while also being able to maintain it in season.

Between the dedicated staff and high tech resources, training at RPP was one of the best decisions I made to prepare me for the collegiate level. I should also add that during my senior I hit 8 HRs, batted .507 with a slugging average 1.029.”

Nick Rappa – Joined 2021 (Kean University)

“I joined RPP in the off-season of my junior year with hopes of leveling up my pitching ability and becoming more athletic. I was introduced to a completely new way of training that allowed me to become easily invested into becoming the best athlete I could possibly be.

I was looking for a gain in velocity while trying to increase my pitch movements by increasing my spin rate on my pitches up as well. Entering RPP, the spin on my fastball was 1700-1800 Rpm, leaving the program I maxed out at 2488 Rpm on my heater. I gained 20 lbs. of lean muscle and 5 miles per hour on my fastball.

My senior year I was selected Hudson County Pitcher of the Year with a 2.20 ERA (35 IP). The countless hours of hard work and guidance from the guys at RPP played a crucial role in getting me there.”

RJ Fiore – Joined 2021 (Washington College)

“I came to RPP early in my junior year at the recommendation of Sam Sharf from CSA to become bigger, stronger, faster. In my 2 years at RPP I was able to add nearly 30 lbs. of muscle mass while creating significantly more power in my swing and helping me transition from a singles to a gap-to-gap hitter. I also cut my 60-time from 7.0 to a 6.6. RPP became my home away from home like many others who train there. I have trained at many places before, but nothing comes close to RPP.”

Aidan Dolinsky – Joined 2018 (NYU)

Aidan joined RPP in October 2018, all the while commuting initially to Sloatsburg from Manhattan (not a quick trip).  During the next few years, Aidan’s commitment to excellence and improvement became a passion.  Aidan touched 91 this summer prior to starting his freshman year at NYU this fall.

“I have trained at RPP since my sophomore year in high school. The coaches and trainers provide a tremendous amount of guidance in a great training atmosphere that has been essential in preparing me for playing in college. They were a significant part of my development as a young pitcher and I would highly  recommend them without any reservations to all aspiring pitchers and players.”

– Aidan Dolinsky

John Hacker – Joined 2019 (Marist College)

John joined RPP shortly after our move to Paramus, New Jersey in his sophomore year. During the next 3 years, with his commitment and consistency in training he excelled. He started at Marist this fall as a lefty chuckin’ 90.

“I first joined RPP during my sophomore year, right after they moved to NJ from NY. As a lefty, I was sitting 79-82 mph and hoping to receive a college commitment to play D1 baseball. During the next two years, with the help of strength and pitching coaches at RPP, I steadily improved my velocity and received a commitment from Marist College and touched 90 this summer, prior to arriving to campus. Being a part of RPP is like being in a family. I wouldn’t be where I am today without RPP.”

– John Hacker