Careers and Internships

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Our Coaches and Interns in MLB and College Baseball

You can get your career started at RPP Baseball and follow it up with opportunities in MLB and college baseball, from the coaching ranks to the front office.   Here’s the list of our coaches who have done exactly that:

    • Robbie Aviles – Baltimore Orioles, MiLB Pitching Coach
    • Justin Friedman – Kansas City Royals, MiLB Pitching Coach
    • Zach Kollar – Toronto Blue Jays, Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Phil Tomassi – Toronto Blue Jays, Strength Conditioning Coach
    • Drew Skrocki – New York Mets, Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Kevin Tito Hernandez – Baltimore Orioles Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Joey Manana – Kansas City Royals, Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Courtney Semkewyc – New York Yankees, Performance Science Bio-mechanics Assistant
    • Eddie Lehr – Cincinnati Reds, Scouting Analyst
    • Ethan Newton – Fairleigh Dickinson Assistant Coach
    • Maddux Minton – University of Charleston, Pitching Coach
    • Noah Landow – Atlanta Braves, Player Development intern

Open Positions

Full- and Part-time Positions