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Strength Training / Physical Therapy… Making Our Athletes and Each Other Better

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I heard P.T. Mike Reinhold once say that he was a “much better physical therapist because of his knowledge in the strength and conditioning field”.  I feel the same way in regards to the education I’ve received from the physical therapy / rehab community.  I can’t overstate how much better of a strength and conditioning coach it has made me. The bottom line is together we make each other better. [Read more…]


Mobility… Not a Part Time Job

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Here at RPP we take great pride in getting our athletes in the best possible shape to succeed at their sport and mobility work plays a big role in our roadmap to getting them there. One thing I always stress to our athletes and parents is that even if you come and train with us for 2 days/week, at least I know you’re getting in some mobility work. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. That being said I want to make one thing perfectly clear…

“It’s not just what you do while you’re here, it’s also what you do when you’re NOT here” [Read more…]


Coach Mike Rozema to Become Director of Hitting Program

top-imageHey Everyone,

It gives me great to pleasure to announce that Rozema Baseball (Hackensack, NJ) will be operating out of RPP beginning this November. Coach Rozema will also become the Director of Hitting Program and will be operating from RPP on a full-time basis.

Coach Rozema is a graduate of St. John’s University and was the 14th round draft pick of the Atlanta Braves in 2004. During his years in professional baseball with the Braves, he played at the Single A, AA and AAA levels. Below is a brief summary of his background: [Read more…]