Baseball Launch Angle and Exit Velo, The Good, Bad and Ugly!

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It’s no secret that there is an enormous amount of player data coming out of MLB these days.  The Statcast system was installed in all 30 Major League ballparks beginning with the 2015 season and the data coming out of this system is already changing how coaches are preparing and working with players.  It measures and records pretty much every single play from pitch velo, to exit speed, to hit distance and more.  It even calculates the probability that an outfielder will make a specific play at a given distance to the ball.  It’s great stuff.  But, what does it all mean for baseball players? Continue reading “Baseball Launch Angle and Exit Velo, The Good, Bad and Ugly!”

3 Reasons for Lower Back Pain after Pitching

Lower Back Pain after Pitching

Unfortunately, 90% of the pitcher population cannot handle the amount of lumbar extension Tim Lincecum put his body through. It’s no mystery that low back pain can severely compromise velocity, as well as command, in pitchers. In Part 3 of this series on Pain Site vs. Pain Source, we’ll look at low back pain and some possible “sites” distally that could be causing it. We’ll also look at some things we can do from both the strength and mobility (mechanics) side that may help to relieve unwanted stress in the area. Lower back pain after pitching can be caused by many things, but for the scope of this article, we’re going to concentrate on… Continue reading “3 Reasons for Lower Back Pain after Pitching”

Top 10 Questions on Weighted Baseball Training

Weighted Baseballs

Weighted baseball training is just one of the tools used in our baseball throwing programs to help athletes achieve a higher velocity ceiling. As with any protocol, the “dosage” (volume and intensity) in weighted baseball training is paramount in order to maximize their effectiveness safely. Below are the top 10 questions we get asked often regarding weighted baseballs, including how they work, and how we integrate them into a total throwing program used to increase size, strength and velocity on the mound. Continue reading “Top 10 Questions on Weighted Baseball Training”

Building a Bigger Engine in Pitchers… The Lower Half

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Often times when someone describes a pitcher that throws hard, you’ll hear things like “he’s got a quick arm action” instead of “he must have a strong lower half”.  Since the ball is released by the hand which is linked more closely to the upper body than the lower body, the former of the two gets all the props while the latter becomes the unsung hero. Continue reading “Building a Bigger Engine in Pitchers… The Lower Half”

5 Minutes of Manual Therapy for Pitchers… Priceless

5 minutes Top 1Over the last few years, I’ve done manual therapy on hundreds of pitchers. One day, my business partner walked up, saw what I was doing and said to me “Nunz, isn’t there a blog in here somewhere? There’s seems to always be a waiting line at the treatment table for this.”

So, this seemed as good a time as any to write about the importance of getting back the Internal rotation (IR) in order to keep shoulder range of motion in “top-notch” shape all year. Continue reading “5 Minutes of Manual Therapy for Pitchers… Priceless”

Inside Look at Cleveland Indians Northeast Private Workout at RPP


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RPP and Rozema Baseball recently had the pleasure of hosting the Cleveland Indians as they conducted an invite-only workout for some of their top northeast prospects in anticipation of the upcoming 2017 MLB Draft.  On behalf of everyone at RPP and Rozema Baseball, we would like to thank the Cleveland Indians again for allowing us to host their event.  The representatives from the Indians were extremely professional, respectful, informative and truly a class act.  The following individuals from the Cleveland Indians attended the session for the evaluation:

  • Brad Tyler – Regional Supervisor
  • Mike Kanen – Northeast Area Supervisor
  • Clint Longenecker – Coordinator, Amateur Scouting
  • Scott Barnsby – Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting
  • Bobby Malkmus – New Jersey Scout

Continue reading “Inside Look at Cleveland Indians Northeast Private Workout at RPP”

5 Reasons Pitching Velocity Increases during the Season

Pitching velocity

Prior to the start of the off-season we always assess every pitcher’s mechanics and pitching velocity. We feel that this can give the athlete a good idea of the progress that was made during the off-season. In regards to velocity, many often see the same velocity at the end of the program as in the beginning, causing slight looks of panic among the mortals. Continue reading “5 Reasons Pitching Velocity Increases during the Season”