Mobility… Not a Part Time Job

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Here at RPP we take great pride in getting our athletes in the best possible shape to succeed at their sport and mobility work plays a big role in our roadmap to getting them there. One thing I always stress to our athletes and parents is that even if you come and train with us for 2 days/week, at least I know you’re getting in some mobility work. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. That being said I want to make one thing perfectly clear…

“It’s not just what you do while you’re here, it’s also what you do when you’re NOT here” Continue reading “Mobility… Not a Part Time Job”

Muscle Mass and Throwing Gas

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Your velocity has been climbing all your life at a respectable and more importantly SAFE rate. All of a sudden you’ve been stuck at the same mph for a year and a half and you’re not budging. You’ve tried what you believe is everything to get to the next rung and you’re stuck. Well, making that jump requires more than just pitching lessons and ramping up your throwing program. You’ve tried that and it’s not working. So hear me out…. Continue reading “Muscle Mass and Throwing Gas”

5 Takeaways from the Texas Baseball Ranch

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch and take the opportunity to learn how they go about addressing and correcting mechanical flaws in pitchers.  Coming from a strength and conditioning background, I may approach certain things a bit differently on the strength and mobility side of things, but I was there to learn more about how the other side lives… and I did. Continue reading “5 Takeaways from the Texas Baseball Ranch”

Interview with Quinnipiac’s Alex Whelan


Today my interview is with Alex Whelan.  A great hockey player I had the pleasure of training this spring until he just recently left for Quinnipiac University where he will be playing for one of the premier hockey programs in the country.  Alex is a graduate of Ramsey High school and was The Record Hockey Player of the Year in Bergen County in 2015.  Continue reading “Interview with Quinnipiac’s Alex Whelan”

Interview with Cortland’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Justin Kompf

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Today my interview is with Justin Kompf, the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cortland College.  For those of you that don’t know, Cortland is a powerhouse in athletics having just recently won five conference titles (SUNYAC) in baseball, women’s lacrosse, men’s track and field, softball and men’s lacrosse.  I am sure Justin’s work has a great deal to do with this success. Continue reading “Interview with Cortland’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Justin Kompf”

Training the Alactic Energy System in Pitchers

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After reviewing multiple innings of baseball at every level (professional, collegiate , high school and even international), you quickly understand that pitching is a 1-2 second explosive movement, with an average of about 12-15 pitches per inning, with approximately 20 seconds of rest in-between pitches, followed by 10-15 minutes of rest in between innings.  So, a pitcher going 6 innings might perform as follows:

  • 6 sets (innings)
    • 12x (representing each pitch)
      • Explosion (1-2 seconds)
      • Rest (20 seconds)
    • Rest 10 minutes (in between innings) and start over

It’s needless to say that pitchers require very specific conditioning. Continue reading “Training the Alactic Energy System in Pitchers”

10 Off-Season Observations – Part 1

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

Baseball off-season arm care

Now that baseball tryouts and pre-season have begun and my separation anxiety has started to kick in, it always helps me to sit back and watch old video and reflect on the past off-season.  Here in Part 1 of this 2 Part Series, we’ll look at the first 5 observations and personal thoughts from the past 4 months at RPP.

Continue reading “10 Off-Season Observations — Part 1”