Hitters Rx Sign-ups

*** Please read below for summary and guidelines, registration links are at bottom…

Program Summary – This year’s off-season Hitters Rx program for high school and middle school athletes is scheduled to begin the week of Monday, November 9th and end just prior to the start of high school tryouts in New Jersey in early March.  The program begins with strength training-only until early-December when we also begin to hit.

All athletes are tied to specific designated time slots which are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis (designations are subject to appropriate “age” groupings).

If you’d like to read more about our hitting programs you can click here.

Strength Training

The strength training portion of the hitting program begins in early to mid-November.

Youth Players 13-16 years: 2x per week

16 and older: Up to 5x per week with a more individualized “Monthly” program, which is subject to pre-qualification as follows (17+ automatically qualify):

    • At least 16 years old
    • Have prior weight room experience, preferably at RPP
    • Physically mature
    • Be able to handle yourself around the weight room
    • Approved by RPP


The throwing portion of the program begins in early-December.  Players meet 2x per week at the same pre-designated time slot (in groups of up to 3 players).  Thereafter, we hit first and then lift.  Once hitting begins all sessions will take approximately 2 hours.  Please note that groups are based on age and physical maturity and capability.

Schedules and Dates

The time slot windows are paired as follows:

General Policies and COVID-19 Regulations

Misc and Policies

      • No makeups and no rescheduling (if you can’t attend a session please simply attend the next one)
      • No refunds for missed sessions
      • Given that our schedule is completely full, to the extent we have to close for snow days, there will be no makeups
      • No sessions during Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday – Sunday)
      • No sessions during year-end holidays (12/24 – 1/3)


      • To the extent there is a facility shutdown due to COVID-19, we will issue a credit to your account for the unused portion of any payments already made; No refunds
      • Given capacity constraints on the facility imposed by NJ State, we
        • Request that parents drop off and pick up
        • Can not offer a waiting area
      • All athletes must bring and wear their own masks to the facility
      • All athletes must sign-in at entrance for potential future contact tracing
      • All athletes will be subjected to a temperature check at sign-in (99.5F and above will not be granted access)
      • Sanitizers are placed throughout the facility, please use them frequently
      • Please respect appropriate social distancing guidelines (6 ft)
      • Please sanitize your hand upon entrance at sign-in and wash hands after using the lavatories
      • For an expanded summary of our safety protocols please click here.

Please contact the front desk at 201-308-3363 for the remaining open spots.