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Pitching Program Summary

This year’s off-season pitching program for high school and middle school athletes is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 14th and end prior to the start of high school tryouts in New Jersey in early March.  The program begins with strength training-only until early-December when we also begin to throw.

All athletes are tied to designated time slots through their registration links which are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis (subject to appropriate “age” groupings).

*** If you’d like to read more about our pitching programs you can click here.

Strength Training Program

Please note that as summarized below the strength portion of the program differentiates between “ages 13-16” and “16 and older”.  If you are 13-16 and have never trained at RPP before, you should enroll in the younger group which trains 2x per week. On the other hand, if you are 16 years old with prior RPP training experience, your participation in this program requires pre-approval by RPP strength coaches (please contact the front desk for details).  All 17 year olds can enroll in the older age group.

Ages 13-16:

    • Designated time slots
    • 2x per week
      • Up to 6 athletes per coach

16 and older:

    • Pre-approval required
    • Designated time slots
    • Up to 5x per week with a more individualized “monthly” program, which is subject to pre-qualification as follows (17+ automatically qualify):
      • At least 16 years old
      • Prior weight room experience, preferably at RPP
      • Physically mature
      • Be able to handle yourself around the weight room

Pitching Program

The throwing portion of the program begins in early December.  Players meet at the same pre-designated time slot (in groups of up to 2 pitchers per coach).  Thereafter, we throw/pitch first and then lift.  Please note that groups are based on age and physical maturity and capability.  Similar to last year, we plan to finish the program with LIVE at bats.

General Policies 

    • No makeups and no rescheduling (if you can’t attend a session please simply attend the next one)
    • No refunds for missed sessions
    • SNOW Days:
      • Given that our schedule is completely full, to the extent we have to close for snow days, there will be no makeups
      • There will NO refunds or credits for snow days
    • No sessions during Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday – Sunday)
    • No sessions during year-end holidays (12/22 – 1/1)


Frequently Asked Questions (click here)


Registration Options (includes strength training)

    • Please contact the front desk at 201-308-3363 or email us at rpp@rocklandpeakperformance.com