Hitters Rx (Nov-Feb)

The Hitters Rx program is a complete off-season training protocol for baseball players, which begins in late fall and ends just before the beginning of the high school season.  It encompasses just about every aspect of a ball player’s game from hitting to strength, power and speed.  It takes place in a collegiate setting, complete with a state-of-the-art weight room to help maximize training during the off-season. It allows you to perfect your hitting mechanics, while getting stronger, bigger, faster, all in one location with the latest in strength, mobility and speed training protocols.

The Program operates in a “closed loop” environment where your strength coach and hitting instructor are working together allowing you to address any strength, mobility and flexibility deficits which could be causing energy leaks in your mechanics. Focusing on the principles of human movement, mobility and strength assists players to develop more ideal movement patterns, helping to efficiently transfer power up the kinetic chain and into the barrel.

Hitting Strength Speed

The following is a brief summary of the highlights:

    • State of the Art Weight Room
    • Player Strength, Power and Movement Assessment
    • Highly Specialized Strength and Conditioning Training
      • Warm-up and Movement Prep
      • Development of Power Transfer through the Core
      • T-spine Mobility
      • Improved Functional Relationship Between the Shoulder, Trunk and Hips
      • Functional Strength Training
      • Arm Care
    • Hitting Instruction
      • 2 Sessions / Week 
      • Video Review
      • Bat Speed, Exit Speed Analysis
      • Batted Ball Metrics and Analysis
      • Kinematic Sequencing Review
      • Hitting and Swing Plane Correctives
      • Stance and Plate Coverage
      • Swing Mechanics
      • Stride/Swing Separation
      • Lower Body Review
      • Situational Hitting
      • Analysis of Hitting Position Strength
      • Analysis of Bat Approach with Strength and Precision
      • Pitch Selection

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